10 Things I Don’t Miss About Teaching In Person

10 Things I Really Don’t Miss About Teaching In-person

I’ve been teaching remotely this whole school year. While this was a huge adjustment at first, I’ve come to love it! It turns out there are a lot of perks to teaching from home and I’m fully embracing them. Here are some things I don’t miss about teaching in-person.

I don’t miss…

1. Getting up so early to drive to school

No commute means more sleep! The traffic from my bed to the literal closet I’ve turned into a classroom is super light, which means I’m getting more sleep than I’ve gotten in my entire career. 

2. Stressing about how I look

Here’s a controversial tidbit that might be too much info for some of you: I’ve stopped wearing a bra to teach. I’ve also stopped wearing shoes, live in my softest pajama pants, and spend minimal – and some days, zero – time on my hair and makeup. No one is able to pick up on details of my appearance through the tiny box on their screen. This also allows for more sleep!

3. In-person staff meetings

Ugh, meeting in person after teaching all day when you just want to go home is the worst! Staff meetings when you’re already at home with your feet up on the couch and snacks at your side are much easier to handle. 

4. The gross mystery smells

Kids are gross and stinky. There’s always rotted food spilled in backpacks or adorable students with awful body odor. And sometimes you can’t find the source of the smell that is permeating your classroom all year. Breathing at home is much easier!

5. Having to meticulously plan bathroom breaks

Teaching from home means I can go to the bathroom without holding it for hours, and without alerting a slew of other people. Water intake doesn’t have to be limited because there’s no one to cover a bathroom break. I drink when I’m thirsty and pee when I need to. Oh, what freedom!

6. Being hungry all day 

Gone are the days of leaving a trail of granola bar crumbs down the hall as I shove my only sustenance for the day in my throat while rushing to make copies. I’m able to actually eat a real lunch now – and without interruption. 

7. Getting nothing done at home

Teaching in-person means getting up early to drive to school, being tied to the classroom all day, attending meetings, PD, or conferences after school, and then driving back home too exhausted to function. Household chores quickly piled up. Now, I’m able to throw dinner in the crockpot, switch the laundry, or load the dishwasher in between classes. 

8. My body feeling like it was going to fall apart

Teaching in-person led to constantly aching feet (and back, neck, legs, etc.) Now, I sit as much as I want. If I need to stand or move around, I can make that happen, too.

9. Spending more effort managing behavior than teaching

Behavior management is so much easier virtually! Plus, I don’t have to take shifts monitoring the hallways, lunchroom, or bus loop!

10. The constant noise

How did I ever teach without a mute button? How will I possibly go back to teaching in-person without a mute button? Do I even want to? These are big questions!

What do you love about teaching from home? Come share in the #teacherlife community!


10 Things I Don’t Miss About Teaching In Person

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Rachael Moshman
Rachael Moshman, M.Ed., an editor at Bored Teachers, is a mom, educator, writer, and advocate for self-confidence. She's been a teacher in classrooms of infants through adult college students. She loves pizza, Netflix and yoga. Connect with her at rachael.m@boredteachers.com
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