This Letter to the Tooth Fairy is Proof Principals Are Awesome

principal letter cover image

Here at Bored Teachers, we talk a lot about teachers and the amazing accomplishments, small and big, that they do every day. However, we don’t often shine the light on some of the amazing principals out there holding down the fort and empowering teachers to be their best. So today, we wanted to feature an awesome letter that a principal wrote to the tooth fairy that has gone viral all over the internet, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

When a student at Gillett Elementary School in Wisconsin literally lost his tooth on the playground at recess, his classmates and teachers searched everywhere, but they couldn’t find it. That’s when his principal, Curt Angeli came up with the most adorable idea. He decided to drop a line to the tooth fairy to put in a good word for the student and vouch for the missing tooth. In his hilarious letter to the tooth fairy, he wrote:

Please accept this letter as official verification of a lost tooth and provide the standard monetary exchange rate you normally use for a real tooth.”

Read the rest below:

It’s a great day to be a tiger! ?

Posted by Jenna Carlson on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

“Education sometimes is a tough business nowadays,” Angeli told CNN. “Kids come to us from all different places, and you try to infuse that good support and acknowledgment in everything that you do.”

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