This Teacher Hack for Opening Tabs Will Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine!

This Teacher Tech Hack for Opening Tabs Will Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine!

Do you start every school day opening up half a dozen (or many more!) tabs on your computer? Well, your life is about to get a little easier! Middle school math and science teacher Jessie Maglio (@mrs.maglio) blew the minds of teachers everywhere over the weekend by sharing a simple teacher tech hack.  Maglio said she originally got the idea from @carolinefarlow, another TikTok teacher. Teachers helping and supporting teachers is one of the best parts of the profession, right?!


THE COOLEST TECH TIP…ever! Thanks @carolinefarlow for sharing. #tiktokteacher #teachertechtip #teachersoftiktok

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Here’s how Maglio explained a simple hack that will make the start of your school day so much easier.

Teacher tech hack for opening tabs

“Did you know you can make a folder that opens all the tabs you need to open at the beginning of the day?

I feel like every day I waste so much time going to Google Classroom, to my Drive, to my email, to all the things I need to open when you can do this with one click. What?! Let me show you.

Right-click and go to “add a folder.” When you go to “add a folder” you can name it whatever you want. I named it “Daily School Tabs.”

You have some options. You can either drag and drop existing bookmarks that you have into the folder or if you want to add something else you can click and drag from the search bar into the folder.

So now when I come to school I’m just going to right-click and say “open all” and THE MAGIC IS HAPPENING! All of the tabs I need open just open all at one time.

So I’m pretty sure I can snooze my alarm one more time because I don’t have to open each tab individually!”

TikTok user @mrs.maglio
Teacher tech hack: Set a folder to open all tabs at once

The simple teacher tech hack resonated with teachers in a huge way. Maglio’s video received over 600K views in just three days! Tens of thousands of teachers tagged their colleagues, shared the video across all social media platforms, and commented thanking Maglio for the tip. 

Wait, people close out of their tabs and don’t leave them open forever????

More teacher tech hacks:

Maglio has lots of other teacher tech hacks on her social channels, complete with video demonstrations. A few of her tutorials include:

  • How to change or Chrome theme, including to cool tye-dye, watercolor, and cheetah backgrounds. 
  • Considerations when naming Google Classrooms
  • Where to download cool fonts for free (her favorite is called “mango salsa”)
  • Quick keystroke shortcuts for PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • Math “get to know you” activities 

She also makes funny and oh, so relatable videos, like “when you open an angry parent email.”

Saving time and effort is important for teachers. A few minutes saved here and there adds up over the course of the week. Maybe you’ll be able to drink your coffee while it’s hot with those extra minutes!


This Teacher Hack for Opening Tabs Will Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine!

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Rachael Moshman
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