The Top 40 Teacher Halloween Costumes of the Year

The Top 40 Teacher Halloween Costumes of the Year

We asked the Bored Teachers community to send in their best teacher Halloween costumes and what came back… is AWESOME. Happy Halloween!

1. Grammar Police

Teachers all dressed in black like police officers_T-shirt says "Grammar police"Submitted by: Emily G.

2. Disney Classics

teacher Halloween costumes_Mickey Mouse, Mini, Donald etcSubmitted by: Krystal W.

3. Kinder Minions

teacher Halloween costumes_Five teachers dressed as minionsSubmitted by: Jessica A.

4. The Spongebob Squarepants Crew

teacher Halloween costumes_Bob Sponge charactersSubmitted by: kajunkoach6321

5. Book Character Costumes!

Book character costumes_Pete the cat and Miss Viola SwampSubmitted by: wailds

Check out more book lover costume ideas here!

6. Kinder Fairies

Teachers dressed as fairies with wings, wigs and wandsSubmitted by: Jessica A.

7. Tetris

teacher Halloween costumes_Math teachers dressed as Tetris elements Submitted by: MATH department at Littlerock High School in Littlerock, CA

8. Lotéria Cards

Teachers dressed as Loteria cards. "El Apache", "El venado" etcSubmitted by: Second-grade team from Eagle Pass, Texas

9. Snow White, the 7 Dwarfs & the Evil Queen

9 teachers dressed as Snow White, the 7 Dwarfs & the Evil QueenSubmitted by: Lauren S.

10. “Math Monsters”

4 teachers dressed as Math monsters with a different number each, and different ways to count to that numberSubmitted by: Janet H.

11. The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister

The Top 40 Teacher Halloween Costumes of the Year

Via: Shelly Cole

12. Smurfs

Entire school teachers dressed as smurfs. Blue blouse, and white beanies Submitted by: Great Brook Middle School in Antrim, NH

13. Pete the Cat

Teacher dressed as Pete the cat in blue with pink heart on chest. Yellow sunglasses, cat ears, and red converse shoes. Submitted by: kpolark

14. Top Chefs

Entire school teachers dressed as chefs with striped apron, and black hatsSubmitted by: Cindy

15. Disney Princesses

7 teachers dressed as Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, The Beauty, EsmeraldaSubmitted by: Krystal W.

16. Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs

Snow White and the 7 dwarfs Submitted by: Megan M.

17. K-1 M&M’s

8 teachers dressed as m&msSubmitted by: Thanh T

18. Fancy Nancy

7 teachers dressed as Fancy NancySubmitted by: Kerri G.

19. Where’s Waldo?

5 teachers dressed as Waldo, red and white striped long sleeve shirts, beanies, and black round glassesSubmitted by: MATH department at Littlerock High School in Littlerock, CA

20. 32 Weeks Prego Costume!

Pregnant teacher dressed as the "Thing" _red t-shirt, blue hair wig_"thing 1" sticker on chest_ "thing 2" sticker on bellySubmitted by: Melissa M.

21. “Dunkin’ Donuts”

Teachers in donut-shaped floats holding basket-ball floats Submitted by: Susan B.

22. Ghost Busters

4 female teachers dressed as the ghost busters on one knee, 9 teachers in back dressed as ghosts with bed white sheetsSubmitted by: Megan M.

23. Inside Out – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness

Teachers dressed as Inside out pixar characters: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and SadnessSubmitted by: Madeline L.

24. Wizard of OZ

Teachers dressed as Wizard of Oz charactersSubmitted by: Megan M.

25. Smart Phone Apps

Teachers dressed as all different apps you can find on smartphone:Gmail, pinterest, messenger, calculator, Iphotos, Calendar, Chrome Itunes etcSubmitted by: Middle School Staff from Riverton, Wyoming

26. Snow White and the Dwarfs + Prince, Queen & Mirror

Teachers dressed as: Snow White, Prince, Queen, the mirror, and the 6 dwarfsSubmitted by: MATH department at Littlerock High School in Littlerock, CA

27. Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka

Entire school teachers dressed as Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka_Principal dressed as Willy WonkaSubmitted by: Andrea R.

28. T-Rex Invasion

6 teachers dressed as T-rexsSubmitted by: Kim O.

29. Spice Girls!

5 Teachers dressed as bottles of spices, red aprons, and red hats : Red Pepper, Sage, Italian spices,ginger and Cinnamon Submitted by: PJ G., Birmingham, AL

30. Mystery Crew from Scooby-Doo

6 teachers dressed as Mystery Crew from Scooby-DooSubmitted by: Mrs. Jensen

31. Night of the Living Dummy, by R.L. Stine

Big book-shaped frame with hole for face of teacher. Costume is book cover of Night of the Living DummySubmitted by: Tonia L.

32. 101 Dalmatians

One teacher dressed as Cruela, 16 other teachers dressed as Dalmatians in white with black stains

Submitted by: Danielle J.

33. Miss Frizzle – Magic School Bus

Teachers dressed as Miss Frizzle. Dress with planets, stars, sun etc. Ear rings planet shapes, glasses and curly hairSubmitted by: Heather C.

34. Dr. Seuss Things

Teachers dressed as Dr Seuss things: Thing1, thing 2, and thing 3. Red shirts, blue scarves and hairSubmitted by: Elizabeth C. 

35. Olivia the Pig & Pete the Cat

2 teachers dressed as book characters Olivia the Pig & Pete the CatSubmitted by: wailds

36. Emily Elizabeth – from Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell

Teacher dressed as Emily Elizabeth - from Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell pink top, black skirt, pink and black striped tightsSubmitted by: Jocelyn W.

37. Dr. Seuss Things

2 teachers dressed as Dr Seuss Thing 1 and thing 2. Red t-shirts, blue tutus, blue hair, striped tightsSubmitted by: Erica H.

38. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

4 teachers dressed as the 4 ninja turtles. carapace, green tutus, green tops, black pants, green striped socks. Different color hairbandsSubmitted by: Megan M.

39. Four Lattes to Go!

1 teacher dressed as Starbucks Barista, brown apron. 4 teachers dressed as lattes. with cream and a green straw in the hair.Submitted by: Doug P.

40. My Little Ponies

6 teachers dressed as little Ponies with colorful tutus and colorful earsSubmitted by: Simona

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