Why Teachers Are Burnt Out: Survey Voices the Reality of Our Classrooms

ultimate teacher poll cover image

ultimate teacher poll cover image

Find out how your teaching situation matches up to all of your teacher friends around the world! Take the poll and see the full results after each answer you click.

  1. At what level do you teach?

    1. Pre-K
    2. Kindergarten
    3. Elementary
    4. Middle School
    5. High School
    6. College
    7120 votes
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  2. What do you teach?

    1. Math, Science, History/SS, Language Arts
    2. Music, Art, Theatre
    3. Special Ed
    4. Phys Ed
    5. Other
    7020 votes
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  3. How many students do you have in your classroom at a time?

    1. Less than 10
    2. 10-20
    3. 20-30
    4. 30-40
    5. +40
    7067 votes
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  4. How many students do you teach per day?

    1. Less than 10
    2. 10-20
    3. 20-30
    4. 30-40
    5. +40
    7019 votes
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  5. How many hours do you work on average per week?

    1. 30-40
    2. 40-50
    3. 50-60
    4. +60
    6955 votes
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  6. How much of your own personal money do you spend on school supplies each year?

    1. $0-100
    2. $100-500
    3. $500-1,000
    4. +$1,000
    6959 votes
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  7. Do you think your salary is fair for the hours you work?

    1. Not even close!
    2. I'd say so
    3. I make more than enough to live comfortably
    4. It's not great, but I can't complain
    6910 votes
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  8. Do you work a 2nd job (or have a secondary income) during the year to make ends meet?

    1. Yes, I don't have a choice.
    2. Yes, but only for extra spending money.
    3. No, I don't need to.
    4. No, but I really should because I'm just getting by.
    6941 votes
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  9. If you answered yes above, what do you do on the side from teaching?

    1. Coaching, tutoring, private lessons
    2. Teaching online from home
    3. Online commerce (TpT, Etsy, affiliate networking, sell products, etc.)
    4. Uber driving
    5. Professional services (writing, graphic design, photography, etc.)
    6. Other (retail, hospitality, manual labor, etc.)
    3417 votes
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  10. During the school breaks, what do you mostly spend your time doing?

    1. Resting and recharging
    2. Traveling
    3. Working side jobs
    4. Catching up on grading, paperwork, prepping lessons
    5. A mix of resting and working on school stuff
    6832 votes
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  11. How many times per week would you say a student disrespects you?

    1. Occasionally, but not much
    2. Once a week
    3. Once or twice a day
    4. Several times a day
    5. Never
    6767 votes
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  12. How much time do you take for a lunch break?

    1. What is a lunch break?
    2. 10-20 minutes if I'm lucky
    3. Less than 30 minutes while multitasking several other things that need to be done
    4. Some days I take breaks, other days I don't at all
    5. 30 minutes to an hour, every day
    6723 votes
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  13. How many hours do you spend working outside of regular teaching hours each week (grading, planning, meetings, PD, etc.)?

    1. 1-5 hours maybe
    2. 5-10 hours
    3. 10-20 hours
    4. +20 hours
    6651 votes
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  14. Which would you say is the most difficult part of being a teacher these days?

    1. Lack of respect from students
    2. Lack of support from admin
    3. Difficult parents
    4. Teach to the test mentality
    5. The amount of responsibility & expectations
    6. Time management from large class sizes
    7. Classroom interruptions and distractions
    8. Getting/keeping students engaged
    6614 votes
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  15. How often do you feel burnt out as a teacher?

    1. Never, I have a good work-life balance.
    2. Only in December and the end of the school year.
    3. Occasionally.
    4. On a regular basis.
    5. I had to (or plan to) leave teaching from being burnt out so much.
    6530 votes
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  16. How do you spend your weekends?

    1. Sleeping and self-care
    2. Taking care of my own kids
    3. Catching up on grading and prep
    4. Working a 2nd job
    5. Laundry & housework
    6. All of the above
    7. Other
    6459 votes
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  17. If you could choose ONE of the following ways to change the teaching profession, which would you choose?

    1. Higher teacher salaries
    2. Better/more support & resources
    3. Smaller class sizes
    4. More paid sick days and paid vacation days
    5. Less testing, more time to teach
    6. More freedom to teach what I want and how I want
    7. 4-day schoolweeks
    8. Better benefits
    6419 votes
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