Viral Teacher Video: “Teaching Is Higher Stakes Than Being a Harvard Lawyer”

Viral Teacher Video: "Teaching Is Higher-Stakes Than Being a Harvard Lawyer"

A former teacher has gone viral on TikTok after saying teaching is way more difficult than Harvard Law School. Rachel Cohen is a second-year law student at the exclusive Ivy League institution. She explains that once you get in, the stakes are very low. You know you’re pretty much guaranteed a job with a starting salary of around 200K as a Harvard lawyer upon graduation.


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Cohen says, teaching, on the other hand, is the highest-stakes profession on the planet. She was a high school teacher for four years between graduating from college and starting law school. Cohen says the lives of your students literally depend on you as a teacher, which is extremely stressful, She added all of this responsibility is expected for significantly lower pay than what other college-educated professionals earn.

Harvard lawyer pay vs teacher pay

Cohen also spoke about the pay difference between lawyers and teachers, noting she earned between 39K and 45K a year as a teacher. She mused on how hard teachers work and the huge difference in compensation she’ll be receiving as a lawyer. “What do I need with $$200K? Give it to the schools! Tax the f*** out of me!”

A commenter chided her with, “Don’t take it from people who work hard. Want more money? Work harder.” Cohen fired back asking how a school was supposed to work harder, sarcastically suggesting the kindergarteners stay in the lines better to bring in more tax funds.

Teachers around the globe are chiming in their agreement and appreciation. The video is quickly approaching a million views and has led Cohen to create several follow-up videos responding to questions and comments.


Viral Teacher Video: "Teaching Is Higher Stakes Than Being a Harvard Lawyer"

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