Students Reveal Disturbing Secrets of Social Media Life in Teacher’s Survey

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In an attempt to address the issue of teenagers being socially disconnected behind smartphones and the dangers of cyberbullying, this teacher – Ms. Coates from Pleasant Grove, Utah took a survey with 85 ninth-graders (ages 14-15) in her school, asking students to complete the sentence:

What my parents don’t know about social media is…

Only 5 out of the eighty-five young students responded that they don’t have social media accounts. The rest of the answers she describes as:

“SICKENING. Heartbreaking. Depressing.”

photo of index card with writing - what my parents don't about social media is that kids really get bullied and there is a lot of inappropriate things and nudity. A lot of kids have secret accounts or send inappropriate things

She claims that all 85 kids chosen to participate in the survey have good grades, and are considered by most standards to be “good kids.” After posting photos of the students’ responses on Facebook, the post has gone viral, being shared more than 34,000 times. In the post description, she writes:

“Working in a Junior High is really interesting. I see these little people in their most awkward and most emotional stage of life. I teach them science, but when I have time I try to squeeze in some life lessons and mentoring. But it doesn’t work if I’m not willing to really hear and understand their situations and problems. Lately, I’ve been really concerned about their mental health, bullying, and social media use.”

In the FB post, she goes on to state that parents of the world need to “WAKE-UP” in regards to giving their kids smartphones and allowing them to live in a secluded world that parents are not invited to be a part of.

As a disclaimer to what we’re assuming is directed toward all the cynical commenters on social media, she added this small snippet to the description:

**EDIT: As this post is going viral it is important to me that readers know how much I LOVE these teenage people. It is easy to be critical of the kids, of the parents, and of me. If you must comment, use this as an opportunity to show my students good digital citizenship. Be kind. Have compassion. In the coming days, I will be working closely with my school, community, and local therapists to learn more about how we can help.**

Here are some of the other responses:

"what my parents don't know about social media is -I swear so much and talk shit on everyone. I get nudes from boys I don't even know. I expose and make fun of everyone and I love catfishing. But theres lit things"

photo of index card with writing I talk to people I'm not suppose to and I have a instagram when I'm not suppose to.

photo of index card with writing "1. that it keeps me connected to my extend family and my fake account let's me express my opinions and frustration. -I'm often manipulated to think that if I stop talking to people they'll attempt suicide"

photo of index card with writing you can send nudes recieve nudes, sext, buy drugs, password pictures, delete texts, buy bongs, pipes, hucca, video of nudes

photo of index card with writing how to find my pictures

parents don't know about social media_Bored Teachers 8

photo of index card with writing I can delete my sent messages

photo of index card with writing that it's the only thing to go on when we're bored. And that's why we create a spam account to post weird pictures of us.

parents don't know about social media_Bored Teachers 11

The pictures that are sent or received, and the things that are said over social media that will disappear before annyone can see it.

photo of index card with writing what my parents don't know about social media is that I have a secret rant account I talk about my mental health about. I also have internet friends.

Here is the original post:


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