Types of Parents Every Teacher Meets at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Types of Parents Every Teacher Meets at Parent-Teacher Conferences - cover image

Teaching the kids, helping them learn from their mistakes, watching them grow into more responsible human beings, catching those ‘aha’ moments, that’s what teachers love most about their jobs. However, meeting with students’ parents, and navigating the hostile territory that is discussing their children’s education, isn’t always the favorite part of the job. Here are a few types of parents that teachers come across each year.

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1. “My Child is an Angel”

The sun rises and sets on my child’s perfect head. Anything s/he says is the truth and everything s/he does is nothing short of amazing. How dare you try to suggest otherwise.

2. “It’s Your Fault!”

Your lessons are too boring. You give too much homework. Maybe you should try this, maybe you should try that. What are YOU doing wrong that’s causing my child to fail?

3. “I Birthed a Genius”

Maybe my child is just too advanced for your class. They won this award and that honor, straight ‘A’s are who she is. It runs in the family.

4. Millennial Mom

Do you have the WiFi password? I don’t get good service in here and I just need to post this story to IG before we start. Gotta keep it gucci with my IG tribe, you know.

5. OG Mama

SAY WHAT? Oh no she didn’t! Say no more, I’ll handle it.

6. “One Band, One Sound”

The perfect married couple who make no decisions without the other being present. They like everyone to know just how in sync they are.

7. The Working Parent

Never answer calls, never call back, never respond to emails, and often show up to parent-teacher conferences while teachers are packing up to head home.

What kind of parents have you come across in your classroom that we should add to the list? Let us know!

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