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If you have a special skill set in content development (writing, video editing, graphic design, etc.), web development/design, graphic design, and/or marketing that you believe can add value to the Bored Teachers team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your resume at [email protected].


1. Content Writers – freelance/remote


We are seeking talented writers to join our creative content team. The ideal candidates will have experience writing for educational blogs and/or online publications, and experience teaching. Writers are expected to produce original, high quality, engaging articles on a consistent, but flexible basis (anywhere from 1 to 5 articles per week is standard).


Bored Teachers is a platform celebrating educators every day that was born only 4 years ago and is now a worldwide network of teachers and content creators with +4 million social followers and +5 million monthly readers. BT empowers educators and provides a place for them to connect, discover tools and ideas for their classrooms, and realize they’re not alone in the trials and tribulations of the profession.


We like to work with people who are creative, passionate about education, who stay on top of new and innovative classroom ideas and teaching strategies, who love to laugh, who are motivated and organized, and who like to collaborate with a fun team of content creators. Our writers cover a wide range of topics including trending stories, teacher life humor, feel-good narratives, creative classroom ideas, useful teacher resources, and anything new and exciting in the world of education.


    • Strong knowledge of and passion for writing and education
    • Writing experience (required)
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Journalism, Communications, Creative Writing, or related (preferred)
    • Background in teaching (preferred)


    • Online writing experience
    • Strong spelling and grammar skills
    • Strong research skills
    • Strong time management skills
    • Strong ability to consistently meet deadlines
    • Witty and creative writing style welcome


    • $100-200 per article (varies per project) on a subcontractor basis


    • Email the following to us at [email protected] with the subject “CONTENT WRITER POSITION”:
      • Resume/CV & portfolio (if you have one)
      • Links to previously published work/personal blog (if any)
      • 2-3 sentences why you’d like to write for BT
      • 3 strong topic ideas that you think would be a good fit for BT and that you’d like to cover

2. Video Editor (motion graphics skills preferred) – freelance/remote


We are seeking talented and experienced editors to join our creative content team. The ideal candidate has experience editing for viral YouTube/social media videos and/or online publishers. The individual(s) hired for this position will report directly to the Content Manager. The editor will be expected to edit 3-4 videos each week. The videos will range in length from 1-4 minutes, depending on the footage available. In addition to editing short/long skits, the creation of attractive cover thumbnail graphics will be required, as well as creating short <1 minute extracts of videos for use on TikTok.


    • Edit provided footage into finalized videos with subtitles for publishing on social media/website
    • Make revisions to edited versions as needed/requested
    • Provide thumbnail cover image
    • Create 2-3 short <1 min extracts from each video for TikTok
    • Post-production of various video projects, as directed
    • Upload all finished content to provided DropBox folders


    • Strong editing talent and passion for improving video editing skills
    • Skilled in adding animated graphics to video content
    • Experience/degree in professional video production (strongly preferred)


      • Video editing experience
      • Witty sense of humor
      • Strong spelling and grammar skills
      • Strong time management skills
      • Strong ability to consistently meet deadlines


See here: https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01ca26f36f205519ce

    • Email the following to us at [email protected] with the subject “VIDEO EDITOR POSITION”:
      • Resume/CV
      • Portfolio
      • Links to completed productions/personal YouTube or Vimeo channel
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