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How do I sign up to the Bored Teachers Community?
How do I logout of my account?
Can I communicate with other users in the Bored Teachers Community?
How do I change my username?
How do I change my login password?
How do I change my profile photo?
How do I change the email address linked to my user account?


How do I submit an article or listicle?
How do I submit my video/photo/meme?
How do I make my own poll or quiz?
When will my post be published?
I’m uploading photos to my article, but they’re not showing. Why?
I hit the “Save Draft” button but it didn’t save! What do I do?
How do I get my submission to be featured on the main pages of Bored Teachers or shared on the Bored Teachers social pages?

Points & Rewards

How can I earn points and how many?
What can my points be used for?
How many points do I need to redeem prizes?
How do I redeem prizes?


How do I post my own confession?
Can I remove my confession once it’s been published?
I don’t see the confession I submitted. What happened?


Where can I find information about Bored Teachers gear and shipping?


How do I support Bored Teachers mission of celebrating teachers and become a sponsor?

Work With Us

Can I get paid to write for Bored Teachers?
Can I get paid for submitting my videos to Bored Teachers?
How do I get my videos featured as a show on Bored Teachers?
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