With many schools and teachers around the world deciding to use Google Classroom for virtual learning, it’s vital to know which educational apps integrate well with the platform. With integration tools, teachers can assign articles, math activities, assignments, and videos directly to Google Classroom with a click of a button from the app being used. This also limits the number of usernames and passwords students need to remember. Additionally, teachers can avoid manually entering student information into apps by importing the Google Classroom roster directly. Can you imagine how much time these features will save over the course of a school year?!

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Quick Tip: If you’re not sure how to pair apps with your Google Classroom account, try Google searching the name of the app followed by “Google Classroom.” For example, search “BrainPop and Google Classroom” to receive directions on how to link the two accounts. These apps are made to make a teacher’s life easier, so they all provide simple instructions on how to integrate with Google Classroom.

Here are 10 FREE apps that will integrate smoothly with Google Classroom.

1. BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. integrate easily with Google Classroom.

Get BrainPophereand BrainPop Jr. here.

This app is commonly used for introductions to new topics in various subjects. You can introduce similes, the water cycle, and U.S. History using BrainPop! There are short videos, quizzes, and games within the app. You will have the option to import classes directly from Google Classroom into My BrainPOP. Selecting and importing a class will automatically create student accounts that are ready for single sign-on. Students can then log in through their Google launcher menu and save and submit work as they go along.

2. DOGONews

DOGONews integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

Share current events with students through DOGONews. This app is like a kid’s version of a newspaper! Create assignments for Google Classroom through DOGONews and import student rosters. 

3. Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

This app transforms the way students view video content from afar. With Edpuzzle, students can only watch the video lessons assigned by the teacher, who is filtering the content from YouTube so that students can only view educational content. Teachers embed their own questions in the video and can provide immediate feedback to students after the lesson has been viewed. Through Edpuzzle, teachers can post assignments directly to Google Classroom and import student rosters. Store up to 20 videos for free!

4. Flipgrid

Flipgrid integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

Flipgrid is a response system that allows students to explain or show their learning using a video recording of themselves. It then takes these responses and places them in a grid for easy viewing and access by the teacher and other students. Share Flipgrid assignments directly to Google Classroom with a click of a button. Flipgrid is free!!

5. GeoGebra

GeoGebra integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

This app can be used to assist in STEM lessons. There are over 1 million free activities, simulations, games, resources, and lessons for math and science! It’s essentially virtual manipulatives that accompany lessons/practice activities. Insert these resources into Google Classroom assignments easily by entering your class code.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

This amazing app is a non-profit educational platform with SO MANY resources to help our students, all free of cost. Learning tools are personalized and data-driven. Teachers can handpick the lessons to assign to students in various subject areas, including math and ELA. Import Google Classroom rosters into Khan Academy and assign content to students through Google Classroom.

7. Newsela

Newsela integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

This is another free option for ELA learning! This app is mostly used to assign current events articles with accompanying comprehension questions. Questions can be assigned as multiple choice or short answer. Upload your Google Classroom roster and assign articles directly to Google Classroom from Newsela.

8. Pear Deck

Pear Deck integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

Another mind-blowing option is Pear Deck, which is an interactive presentation tool used to actively engage students in individual and social learning. Teachers create presentations using Google Slides. Once a class is together virtually or in-person, students connect to the presentation using a code. The teacher then controls the presentation and poses questions that students can answer on their own devices as they follow along. To avoid having students use a URL or class code to join the presentation, simply invite your entire Google Classroom roster!

9. Quizziz

Quizizz integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

This free app is used for live polling and quizzing. Teachers can also assign quick activities, like flashcards, for students to go through on their own time. There are plenty of pre-created quizzes to choose from or you can create your own! Share quizzes through Google Classroom instead of using a class code. 

10. StoryJumper

Storyjumper integrates easily with Google Classroom.

Get it HERE.

Use this app to assist students in creating online books for free! Teachers can use templates to assign writing projects where students will have opportunities to illustrate and narrate their books online. If families want a hardcopy of the books, they have the option to purchase those as well. Import students, create assignments and share stories all directly from Storyjumper to Google Classroom. 

As you can see, these app options are versatile and user friendly for our Google Classroom users! If you’re not sure if an app you already use will integrate with Google Classroom, try searching the app’s website for more information. You never know!

10 Free Educational Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom