Teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to stay organized, manage student behavior, and create effective lesson plans, as well as new ways to connect with parents to ensure our students are getting the best education we can offer. There are a number of ways to get a rowdy classroom to settle down, get fidgety students to focus, and encourage a bully-free classroom environment. Managing all these aspects while creating your own materials can sometimes be very overwhelming. But good news there’s a magical place where you can find all the materials you need, so you can spend your time focusing on students, and find some time to relax in between! With a risk-free 30-day trial, the following 10 resources can be found, downloaded, and printed out at Scholastic Printables – one of the most reliable sources to find thousands of classroom materials, all created by education experts. You can never have enough ideas for classroom management!

1. Classroom Library: Essential Forms for Teachers

Make the most of your classroom library and foster effective literacy instruction. Forms include a reader interest survey, a tool for finding a “just-right” book, genre charts, reading records, a library organization map, and more.

Books organized in red and blue bins

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2. Reward Cards

Are you catching your kids being good? Try using a behavior jar like this one to reward them! Plus, manage the paper load without breaking the bank—this printable includes writable reward cards, weekly point cards, and a Friday report card.

Reward cards in a jar

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3. Take-Home Notes Bulletin Board

Get students involved in building the home-school connection with a fun and interactive bulletin board idea that helps share the class news with families. The 5-page resource includes printable slips, directions, tips, variations, and more.

Take-home notes

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4. Emergency Procedure Form

Stay prepared for the unexpected by documenting important emergency procedures. Because you never know!

Emergency Procedures

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5. Role-Playing Cards

Teach students how to help themselves in the face of bullies with a discussion activity that encourages problem-solving and positive social interactions.

Role playing cards:

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6. Essential Tips for Managing Your Transitions

Make your students’ transitions efficient and smooth—in terms of time used, student behaviors, and getting students resettled and refocused with a resource full of guidelines, tips, and effective routines.

Teacher in front of students waiting in line

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7. Plan ahead with a convenient Field Trip Organizer!

Remove the stress of planning a field trip for you, your students, and chaperones with a handy organizer. This form from Scholastic Printables includes spaces for contact numbers, times, costs, notes, and more.

Field Trip organizer sheet

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8. Substitute Teacher Information Form

Help your substitute maintain control while you’re away by filling in an all-in-one form with valuable information specific to your students, class, and school.

Substitute teacher information: School schedule time_People who can help_locations and procedures

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9. Awesome tips for keeping your classroom organized!

Ten quick-and-easy organization suggestions to help you get organized in your classroom so you never get overwhelmed by clutter!

10 great ways to stay organized sheet_Classroom management

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10. The Guide to Effective Lesson Planning & Design

Everything you need to know about long-range planning, essential components for effective lesson plans, and incorporating a variety of strategies into your instructional design can be found in this printable!

teacher on computer on scholastic pintails website

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— Amanda N., Teacher Grades 1-2

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