There’s something about the 100th day of school that gets kids really excited! Maybe it’s because 100 seems like such a big number to small children or because of the joy in marking a milestone in the school year. Whatever the reason, don’t let the 100th day of school pass by without a celebration. Whether it’s a quick activity to mark the occasion or an entire day of fun, your students are sure to remember this big day for years to come!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Make a banner

Since your students have reached the 100th-day milestone, congratulate them with a banner outside the classroom door reminding them that they are 100 days smarter.

2. Count to 100

Young children love the chance to show off their counting skills and count from 1 to 100. Make it hands-on with a large hundreds chart so you can really see their skills.

3. Dress up like a 100-year-old

Pull out Grandma’s sweater and some gray hair spray and head to school looking like you already had your 100th birthday. Encourage the students to come dressed like 100-year-olds also. Check out more fun ways teachers dressed on the 100th day of school here!

4. Make 100s creations

Give your students a printout of the number 100 and encourage them to be creative by turning it into something new.

5. Make things with 100 objects

Give your students a set of 100 objects, such as blocks or dominoes, and see what they can create. This is a great STEM activity!

6. Read books about what life was like 100 years ago

Head to the school library and search for books that discuss important people and events from 100 years ago. Read them aloud throughout the day to teach students how much the world can change in 100 years.

7. Bring in some literacy

The 100th day is perfect for practicing counting skills, but you can also bring in a bit of literacy by having your students write 100 words they can read or spell.

8. Create some monsters

Gather some craft supplies and have your students represent 100 in different ways. They can make a monster with 10 arms and each arm has 10 spots or a monster that has 10 of each body part – eyes, ears, legs.

9. Race to 100

Give your students a hundred chart or a game board with 1-100 on it. Have them use a spinner or dice to see how fast they can reach 100.

10. Have a snack

Incorporate counting to 100 with a tasty snack. Provide small things, such as cereal, and have students count out 100 of them before eating. They can count by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s to make it even more educational.

11. Punch some holes

Get out your fancy hole punchers and have your students punch out 100 holes

12. Count by 10s

A key skill in early elementary curriculums is to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Have your students practice that skill by counting by 10s. You can enhance or differentiate the activity by repeating it with 2s and 5s.

13. Make predictions

Ask your students to think about what they will be doing and what they’ll look like when they are 100 years old. Note: cotton balls make great hair for 100-year-olds in this activity!

14. Dream big

Make your 100th day more meaningful by having your students come with 100 dreams they have to make the world a better place.

15. Be silly

Write a classroom book with each page dedicated to one student sharing something the teacher has said at least 100 times this year. Make copies for each child and send these gems home!

16. Make bracelets

Celebrate the 100th day by making paper bracelets for your students to wear. These can be simple with basic labels, or your students can decorate them with markers and stickers.

17. Create scrapbooks

Let your students recall some of the things they have learned that deal with hundreds in a little scrapbook. They could practice tally marks by drawing 100 or fill in ten frames to 100. They might also keep track of things they’ve done at least 100 times over the school year.

18. Design a bulletin board

Get your students even more invested in the 100th day by having them design a bulletin board for the school. They could create hearts and write 100 ways to show kindness or use other shapes and write 100 things they’ve learned this year.

19. Exercise!

Challenge your students to do 100 exercises. Choose 10 exercises and have each student do each exercise 10 times to get to 100.

20. Make a representation

Show your students what 100 can look like by gathering collections of 100 and have them lay them out 1 to 100. Paper plates are a great one to get started with – and they come in a variety of colors to make it even more fun!

21. Make a necklace

Use cereal or beads and have your students create a necklace with exactly 100 pieces.

The 100th day of school is a huge milestone and can be celebrated in many fun ways. Your students will always remember the fun of reaching their 100th day!

21 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School