Times New Roman has its place in high school essays, but it’s so fun to jazz up our classrooms and materials with fonts that have a bit more personality! Luckily, there are so many fonts for teachers to choose from to help them create classroom materials and decorations that fit their teaching style and overall vibe. Be sure to check the copyright information when downloading – most fonts are free for personal classroom use but require payment if you wish to use them to sell your teacher-created materials.

Here are 30 free fonts to get you started!

1. Miss Olsen’s Classroom Font

If you create handwriting sheets for your students, this font is a must-have. You can type anything you want your students to practice writing, and it gives them an image of what the words look like printed on lined paper. It’s a great font to use for copy work.

2. Simple Print Regular

Simple print regular fonts for teachers
Source: Peter Wiegel

Simple Print Regular is a clean, basic font that mimics the nice, neat handwriting teachers want their students to use. It’s easy to read, which makes it a great option for classroom materials students will need to read.

3. Discipuli Britannica

Discupli Brittanica cursive fonts
Source: Peter Wiegel

If you have older students learning, practicing, or writing in cursive, this font will make those jobs easier. Your students can use this font as a practice guide or image of what their cursive is supposed to look like. You might also use it to create cursive writing flashcards or posters to display in your classroom.

4. So Fontabulous

So Fontabulous
Source: Sloshea

The addition of dots where the lines of each letter meet makes this font a fun one to include in your classroom décor. Or use it in your class newsletter to add a bit of personality.

5. So Stubborn Spots

So Stubborn Spots
Source: 2TTF

This font combines a cartoony feel with miniature dots to add even more flair to any classroom activity or decoration.

6. Apple Alphabet

Apple Alphabet
Source: VRYN Fonts

Nothing says “Teacher!” like an apple, and you can add the iconic fruit to bulletin boards or classroom materials with this fun font.

7. KG Cold Coffee

Teachers know all about cold coffee! This font has a bit of chalkboard feel, making it a lovely choice for classroom decorations and posters.

8. School Teacher

If you want to add a bit of child-like flair to your classroom, the School Teacher font imitates a child’s handwriting.

9. Pinwheel Dots

Pinwheel Dots
Source: 2TTF

Add a bit of fun and whimsy to your classroom materials and bulletin boards with this entertaining font.

10. Maddening Monsters

Maddening Monsters
Source: 2TTF

Sure to add some fun to your learning space, this cartoony font is perfect for your little classroom monsters!

11. Maddening Stripes

With stripe-y edges, this font is a great addition to bulletin boards and worksheets.

12. So Splendid

So Splendid
Source: Sloshea

The So Splendid font will make a splendid addition to your teacher materials. The thin lines and curvy letters are easy to read and fun to look at.

13. Rowdy High

The tiny dots and little hearts brighten up this font, but it’s also easy to read. Add some flair to your worksheets or Valentine’s Day materials with Rowdy High.

14. Rowdy Conversation Heart

Rowdy Conversation Heart uses a combination of conversation heart letters for capitals and flowy cursive-like font for the lower case letters. It’s a lovely addition to Valentine’s Day materials or perhaps a character lesson on love and compassion.

15. Sweet Pea

This sweet font is similar to cursive but the letters don’t connect. It’s a beautiful addition to classroom materials or your weekly newsletter.

16. Jumpin Jack

This font is bold! It uses a combination of lower case and upper case letters to create a font that will really pop on bulletin boards and other school displays.

17. Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher font
Source: DaFont

Here is another font that is similar to a child’s handwriting. It even has the letter “s” backward!

18. Home school

This shadow font looks reminiscent of a black and white composition notebook, making a perfect addition for any class materials.

19. Happy Day at School

If you want to make some fun banners for your classroom or bulletin boards, look no further than the Happy Day at School font. It takes all the guesswork out of creating fancy banners.

20. KG Primary Whimsy

This offset font makes for some entertaining classroom decorations. It’s also easy to read, making it perfect for materials aimed at younger students.

21. Janda Manatee

Janda Manatee font
Source: Font Get

If you need a font that’s easy to color, Janda Manatee is a great option. You can use it to make spelling and phonics activities that your students can color code, or just make nice letters for a bulletin board.

22. KG Always a Good Time

KG Always a Good Time font
Source: Font Get

Always a Good Time is a font that is very close to traditional cursive writing. It’s a great font for creating cursive documents for your students as they learn this writing style.

23. Unicorn Sparkles

Unicorn Sparkles font
Source: Font Get

Besides having a really fun name, the Unicorn Sparkles font is a flashier version of traditional cursive. It’ll add flair to newsletters and classroom decorations.

24. Milk Moustachio

Milk Moustachio font
Source: Font Get

Milk Moustachio is a funky font that appears a bit like cursive with some well-placed swirls on certain letters.

25. Sweet & Sassy Serif

Sweet and Sassy Serif
Source: Font Get

Add some sass to your classroom with a simple font that is curvy and cute.

26. Oh Whale

If you need a bubbly font that has curvy lines, Oh Whale might be just what you’re looking for. It’s an easy-to-read font that can also be used for bulletin boards and coloring pages.

27. All Things Pink

All Things Pink is a simple font with clean lines that is also easy to read. The slightly curved lines of the letters makes it slightly different from other simple fonts.

28. Back to School

Pencils are an essential school supply and play a huge role in the classroom. This font forms each letter with pencil images, making it a great way to incorporate this iconic school supply into your classroom.

29. Crayon Crumble

Another classic school supply is the crayon, and this font is made to look like the words were written in crayon.

30. Kid Knowledge

Kid Knowledge font
Source: 38 Lineart

This fun teacher font is called Kid Knowledge, and each letter is represented by a school-themed picture. It’s a great way to include images on your documents and classroom materials.

Fonts are an entertaining way to bring some flair and pizazz to your classroom. What will you make?

30 Fun Free Fonts for Teachers!