There’s no need to beat around the bush, every classroom gets noisy sometimes… OK, maybe more than sometimes! Having a good way to everyone’s attention and calm the class down can be a life-saver. LITERALLY! So we rounded up a laundry list of some of the best attention-getters teachers around the world are using on a daily basis. Take your pick and take control!

1. Teacher: “Hocus Pocus”
    Students: “Everybody Focus!”

Ron from Harry Potter using wand

2. Teacher: “When the hand goes up…”
Students: “The mouth goes shut!”

3. Teacher: “Zip it, lock it”
    Students: “Put it in your pocket!”

4. Teacher: “Can I get a…”
    Students: “Whoop Whoop!”

Basketball players hands in the air

5. Teacher: “Parlez-vous français?”
    Students: “Oui, oui, oui!”

6. Teacher: “If we don’t row…”
    Students: “Then we don’t go!”

7. Teacher: “Tootsie roll, lollipop…”
    Students: “We were talking, now let’s stop!”

8. Teacher” “No bees, no honey”
    Students: “No work, no money!”

9. Teacher: “Macaroni and cheese…”
    Students: “Everybody Freeze!”

10. Teacher: “Chicka, chicka”
      Students: “Boom, boom!”

Dancing boy

11. Teacher: “Chugga, chugga”
      Students: “Choo, choo!”

12. Teacher: “All set?” 
      Students: “You bet!

13. Teacher: “Freeze! Everybody, clap your hands!”
       Students: (Clap their hands 7 times)

14. Teacher: “Peanut Butter”
      Student: “Jelly!”

15. Teacher: “Flat tire
      Students: “Shhhhhhhhhhhh….”

16. Teacher: “Scooby Dooby Doo
      Students: “Where are you???”

Scoobi doo dog on owner's back

17. Teacher: “Hands on top”
      Students: “Everybody stop!”

18. Teacher: “1, 2, 3, eyes on me!”
      Students: “1, 2 eyes on you!”

19. Teacher: “Hey, hey!”
      Students: “Ho, Ho!”

20. Teacher: “Magic Finger in the air…”
      Students: “Magic finger everywhere!”
      Teacher: “Magic finger on your hips…”
      Students: “Magic finger on your lipssssssss…”

21. Teacher: “Holy Moly”
      Students: “Guacamole”

22. Teacher: “Hi, ho, hi, ho!”
      Students: “It’s off to work we go!”

Snow White dwarfs

23. Teacher: “Hakuna…”
      Students: “Matata!”

24. Teacher: “1, 2, 3!”
      Students: “Look at me!”

25. Teacher: “To infinity…”
      Students: “And beyond!”

26. Teacher: “If you can hear me, put your hands on your head.”
      Students: (Put hands on heads)

27. Teacher: “Class, class!”
      Student: “Yes, yes!”

28. Teacher: “Oh me!
      Student: “Oh my!”

29. Teacher: “Yaketi Yak”
      Students: “Don’t talk back!”

Woman saying no with finger

30. Teacher: “Ready to rock?”
      Students: “Ready to roll!”

31. Teacher: “Alarm, alarm”
      Students: “Everybody is calm!”

32. Teacher: “Ready to listen?”
      Students: “Ready to learn!”

33. Teacher: “Everybody in the house…”
      Students: “Is as quiet as a mouse!”

34. Teacher: “Okey Dokey”
      Students: “Karaoke!”
      Teacher: “Okey dokey
      Students: “Guacamole!”
      Teacher: “Okey dokey
      Students: “Artechokey!”

35. Teacher: “LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!”
      Students: “soft, soft soft…”

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