Joining a Facebook group may be just the professional development you need to transform your teaching and enjoy encouragement this school year. Find the best groups for your educational needs, request membership, and watch the collaboration unfold!

Groups for All Teachers

Global Educator Collective A group of educators worldwide sharing their expertise and support.

Teachers Ask Teachers A great place for teachers to ask questions, share their answers, and indulge in a little humor.

Amazing Educational Resources A place for teachers and parents to share the great internet resources they find.

Student-Centered World MastermindCreated in response to the COVID school closures, this group offers camaraderie as teachers navigate the ups and downs of pandemic teaching.

Teachers—sharing ideas and resources for the classroomA great place to seek advice from other teachers and share your successes to benefit others.

Teacher MomsA group for perhaps the busiest people of all, this is the spot to commiserate with other teacher moms.

Facebook for Education GroupA gathering of teachers worldwide offering advice and inspiration.

#TeacherProblems A shared space for teachers to laugh and let off steam.

Groups for the Use of Educational Technology

Teachers Using Google Classroom A place to showcase how you excel with this LMS and gain even better tips from other teachers.

Teachers Using Google Suite for EducationA collection of teachers sharing best practices specific to GSuite technology.

Teachers Using CanvasA place for teachers to go deeper with the Canvas LMS.

Bitmoji Craze for Educators A collaboration of teachers using Bitmoji to personalize virtual learning spaces.

Seesaw Teachers Dedicated to teachers using Seesaw, this page also has links to grade-specific groups.

Virtual and Augmented Reality for Education A great place to find resources and share ideas for using VR in the classroom.

Groups for Elementary Teachers

Simply Kinder A group for teachers of pre-K to first grade.

Primary Teachers An excellent place to share resources or just vent.

Elementary Teachers Support Group Perfect for teachers seeking encouragement.

Upper Elementary Educators A place for teachers to ask questions and give advice.

Group for Secondary Teachers

Middle School Teachers Rock!A group of teachers working together through the craziness that is middle school.

Groups for Special Education Teachers

Special Education Teachers A positive group of teachers and paraprofessionals.

The Resource Room This group is moderated by The Primary Gal blog and is a place to glean insight, resources, and inspiration.

Groups for English/ELA Teachers

ELA in the Middle 6-8 A place for middle school ELA teachers to discuss classroom management, curriculum, and content.

2ndary ELA Aimed at middle- and high school ELA teachers, this group also hosts weekly Twitter chats.

ELA Today A place to swap ideas for creating engaging ELA lessons for teenage students.

Creative High School English As the name suggests, this group strives to spark creativity in the high school classroom.

High School ELA Teachers Support Group This group is specific to English teachers of grades 9-12.

On Butterfly Wings ~ English & More An Australian group aimed at improving teaching through collaboration.

Groups for Science/STEM Teachers

Middle School Science Teachers A place to share science resources and ideas for middle grades.

STEM Teachers Group A gathering of teachers, parents, and maker space facilitators to grow in their knowledge of STEM teaching strategies.

21st Century Science Teachers Community A community for science teachers interested in technology and differentiated instruction.

Groups for Math Teachers

Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom A small but dedicated group of math teachers striving to make a difference in mathematics instruction.

On Butterfly Wings ~ Maths An Austalia-based group aimed at easing the stress of K-12 math teachers.

Middle School Math Teachers A meeting place for teachers of middle school math to share their classroom success and learn from one another.

Groups for Social Studies/History Teachers

Middle School Social Studies Teachers A group moderated by the Peacefield History blog and aimed at providing teachers with the resources and support they need.

Secondary Social Studies Teachers Collaborative Group A place for teachers of middle- and high school social studies to ask questions, share their knowledge, and cooperate with like-minded educators.

Groups for Band Directors/Music Teachers

Google Classroom for Music Teachers Inclusive of band/music teachers of all levels, this group is an ideal way to maximize Google apps in music instruction.

Band Directors A group aimed at uniting band directors in a network of collaboration.

Groups for Art Teachers

Elementary Art Teachers (K-5th grade)A group of elementary art teachers providing instructional and moral support.

Art Resources for High School Teachers A collaboration of teachers sharing all things art.

Groups for Teachers of World Languages

IFLT / NTPRS / CI Teaching A helpful community of teachers dedicated to teaching with comprehensible input.

Tech for World Language Teachers A treasure trove of ideas for enhancing world language teaching with the latest technology.

Groups for Health/Physical Education Teachers

Health Teacher Central This collection of health teachers comes complete with shared files and a Google Drive of resources.

Physical Education Resources This group was created to help teachers navigate distance learning and is still going strong.

Physical/Fitness Education for Middle and High SchoolA group of teachers dedicated to the wellness of their students.

Groups for Teacher Self-Care

Beat Burnout: Teacher Self-Care Support Moderated by The Whole Adventure: Health Coaching for Teachers, this group offers support in prioritizing self-care.

Self-Care for Educators in 15 Minutes or Less a DayA great way to connect with other teachers and fit self-care into the busy teacher lifestyle

Groups for Teacher Side-Hustles or Career Changes

Side Hustle Teachers A community of teachers-turned-entrepreneurs offering support in building a business.

#TeacherpreneurTribe A great place to learn work-life balance while teaching and building a business.

Life After Teaching with Brittany and Zachary Long A supportive community sharing career options, job-search tips, and emotional reinforcement in the decision to leave teaching.

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