In addition to everything teachers do during the school year, we also love to use the space between school years to make our classrooms inviting places for students to learn and grow. Colorful themes, age-appropriate decorations, and plenty of kid-friendly furniture all help make a classroom a lively learning space. Take some inspiration from some of the most amazing classrooms around!

1. Elegant and sparkly

A combination of a pale pink and gold color scheme and more “grown up” furniture make this classroom an amazing place to learn. The addition of jungle animals makes it kid-friendly and the flexible seating options make it modern and relevant.

2. Welcome, explorers!

This might look a bit messy to some, but classrooms that encourage hands-on activities are often the most educational and fun. When kids get to touch and do things, they learn and remember so much more. With all its nature items, photos, and things to do, this amazing classroom gives students so much to learn about!

3. Adorable elementary library

This kindergarten reading room is sure to make any book lover (or kindergartner) swoon. The many cozy areas to read and the display of so many great books make it a reading area to strive for.

4. Learning pods

Learning pods separate a classroom or library into several learning zones. Kids can have quiet space to read while other kids work on assignments or with the teacher. A back room with screens allows students to watch what they are learning or interact with technology to expand their learning. The quiet, calm color scheme just adds to the awesomeness!

5. Just like home

The curtains, rug, and classy décor make this classroom a bit like a home away from home. It’s also organized and has everything kids need to learn.

6. An enchanted forest

We all know that spending time outside is crucial to the happiness and well-being of students. Bringing nature inside the classroom is a great way to take advantage of these benefits, even when the kids can’t physically be outside. The fake greenery and the mushroom chairs make it an ideal “outdoor” space while invoking the magic of fairytales and folklore.

7. Minimalistic and lovely

Every inch of classroom walls doesn’t need to be filled to create an effective learning space. The ability to carefully curate what is essential can make a classroom calm, open, airy, and organized – all things that encourage the learning process!

8. Quiet corner

The best classrooms have at least one spot where kids can go to enjoy a bit of quiet. A wicker chair and a side table give students a place to go to read a book or calm down when things get hard.

9. A heart-to-heart space with heart

Sometimes teachers need a place to have a heart-to-heart with a student. Imagine a classroom where that can happen at a lovely little table instead of in front of the teacher’s desk! It also makes a great place for students to have discussions or work on problems.

10. Keeping students rooted

This room’s relaxing, natural style reminds students to remain rooted in love. It’s also remarkably clean, organized, and cozily lit. Read more on how to start a classroom garden here.

11. Full of smiles

This classroom is just adorable, and the smiley face rug definitely makes the room come together. Classrooms need rugs to bring warmth and comfort to plain tile floors, and this one is bound to make students feel good about their learning space.

12. Pink and glamourous

There is something special about a pink classroom, and this one pulls together pink and fun, with disco balls and pops of orange and yellow. It screams happiness and provides several different places for students to sit, learn, and be happy!

13. Everything in its place

When kids have everything they need at their fingertips and don’t have to hunt for supplies, they can get right down to the business of learning. This awesome classroom has kid-friendly tables and chairs and everything a learning kid could want or need readily available.

14. Simple and clean

This classroom makes the awesome list because it’s large, bright, clean, and has plenty of things for kids to do, including discovering a door to a “secret” room!

15. Inspire imagination

Imagine the scenarios that could play out in a classroom with so much room and so many materials for dramatic play. The books and other learning materials help make this classroom so amazing.

16. Absolutely glowing

Some paint and a blacklight can completely transform your classroom into a fun and exciting place, even for just a short amount of time. Everything you need to know on glow classroom parties here!

17. Colorful and creative

Who says your classroom walls need to be one color? Add some dazzle to your learning space by painting words and images in a variety of colors. Include a colorful rug and plenty of seating, and you have one amazing classroom.

18. So much to do

This awesome classroom is filled to the brim with hands-on learning activities. The greenery is an added bonus that brings a bit of the outside in.

19. Bright and colorful

Bright neon colors might be just what you need to motivate your students to enjoy learning. The flexible seating and the kids’ artwork on display only add to the awesomeness.

20. Our happy place

Most kids don’t think of a classroom as their happy place, but why not? The neon sign in this classroom advertises it as a happy place and the abstract art, seating, and huge supply of books make this classroom one of a kind.

You don’t have to just slap student work onto a bulletin board. This teacher achieves the next level of awesomeness by including colorful spotlights and framing the best of the best.

22. Classroom theme

If you’re a teacher who loves to have a new theme each year, consider creating an “underwater” classroom. Ocean animals are great, and don’t forget the impressive treasure chest!

23. One color wonder

Go with a signature color and decorate in various shades of it. The chandelier in this classroom tops off the eye-pleasing palate.

24. Creativity rules

Encourage problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking with an awesome maker space wall. It’s bound to be one of your students’ favorite parts of the classroom, if not the entire school.

25. A first grader’s dream

What kid could resist a playhouse right inside the classroom? The twinkling lights, soft lighting, cozy rug, kid-friendly furniture lend to the appeal.

26. Welcome to the lodge

This teacher went all out with creating a unique, outdoor lodge feel. The fake grass and live plants are lovely, and what about the deer head on the wall? It’s an epic addition to a classroom that’s already inviting and visually pleasing. Not to mention the giant, cozy L-couch – you don’t see one of those in your everyday classroom. Everything on how to get started with flexible seating here.

27. Flower power

This classroom is serene and calm, as well as educational, but the flower pillows just add something extra.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed by all the awesome classrooms out there. When it comes down to it, any classroom with an awesome teacher (you), is an awesome classroom! But never be afraid to imagine your dream classroom. One day you may just get the chance to make those dreams come alive.

27 amazing classrooms that will absolutely blow your mind