Childhood bullying has been around for centuries at school, in the hallways, the locker rooms, and even right inside the classroom walls. Nowadays, with the overwhelming presence of social media, bullying has become even easier and even more dangerous. It’s our duty as teachers to promote kindness, giving, and teamwork, as much as we possibly can. Kids see enough of it on the Internet, in the media, on the news, in the movies, and in their own homes. Teachers need to have a zero tolerance policy on bullying in their classrooms and administrators in their schools. Teaching children the value of being kind, giving without expecting anything in return, and helping each other, is as important as (if not more than) teaching them algebra, physics, history, and grammar.

Promote it in your classroom and around your school by starting discussions about it with your students and by making positive bulletin boards like the ones below. They might take you a little time to put together, but the difference they’ll make in the world will last a lifetime. So get to work and go throw some kindness around like confetti!

1. Everyone fits in here!

2. Before you… THINK!

3. In this school, we swim together!

4. I look to a day when…

5. It takes courage to stand out.

6. Take what you need, give what you can…

7. Don’t stand by, Stand Together!

8. Bullying will “ketchup” to you.

Anti-bullying bulletin boards8_Bored Teachers
Courtesy of Brooke Iverson

9. Be a bucket filler!

10. Don’t be a bully, be a star!

11. Be a buddy, not a bully.

12. Be the reason someone smiles today!

Anti-Bullying Bulletin Boards12_Bored Teachers
Courtesy of Donna Dini

13. I can’t control anyone else…

Anti-Bullying Bulletin Boards13_Bored Teachers
Via: Pinterest

14. Our social contract:

15. One School, One Goal

16. Always choose kind!

17. Planting the seeds of kindness

18. Every Child is an Artist!

Anti-bullying Bulletin Boards18_Bored Teachers
Courtesy of Teacher DP

19. “Dohnut” Bully!

20. Take a stand, lend a hand.

21. In this class, we stick together.

22. Before you speak, think and be smart.

23. We are a box of crayons…

24. Which side of history do you want to be on?

25. Do the right thing…

26. Anti-Bullying Pledge


28. Every child is a different kind of flower…

How do you encourage kindness and prevent bullying in your classroom? Send in your photos for a chance to be featured!

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