What does a teacher love more than a freebie? Canva for Educators is a free design tool used to create graphics, including readymade templates available for teachers with an account. With these simple Canva hacks, teachers can use this amazing platform to create unique flyers, worksheets, presentations, and more.

Here are the best hacks to try yourself on Canva.

1. Sign-up for free!

First and foremost, make sure you sign-up for your FREE teacher account! Click here to get verified and activate your own Canva for Educators account.

2. Use the “Templates” option

On the homepage, you’ll see a tab that says “Templates” on the left side. By clicking this option, your world will be opened to pre-made, editable templates perfect for the classroom. You can even search templates by subject. Within each subject, you will find worksheets and presentations that can be readily utilized. New templates are added regularly!

Accessing Canva templates from the home screen
Browse by subject

3. Download classroom decor kits

Under the same Templates section, you will find readymade decor kits! You can edit what’s already been made as needed, download, and print to your liking. The kits include posters, name tags, lesson plan templates, labels, virtual classrooms, alphabet strips, and so much more.

Classroom decor kits (succulents and cactus, adventure, colorful building blocks, beach, chalkboard)

Part of the Succulent and Cactus Kit:

Succulent and cactus kit example

4. Edit your classroom newsletter

On your homepage, click “Create a Design” > “Classroom Newsletter.” You will see dozens of templates to choose from. Click on the one you’d like to use, then edit to match your needs. By clicking on each text box, you can easily change the text from the template.

Edit your classroom newsletter
Newsletter templates

5. Use the whiteboards feature

On your homepage, click the circular icon in the middle that says “Whiteboards.” Use these pre-made presentations on your own computer for personal planning or on your smartboard for use with students. Many templates are also interactive, and you can add in your own sketches or a timer. The possibilities are endless!

Access the whiteboard feature
Whiteboard template

Example of an interactive whiteboard template:

KWL chart example

6. Download SEL resources

If there’s one thing all educators can agree on, it’s that we are supporting students through social/emotional needs more than ever before. Canva has tons of resources to help support this work! Search “SEL Worksheets” on the homepage and you will find thousands of options to browse through.

SEL worksheets

7. Print full workbooks

If you search “Workbooks” on your homepage, you will even find complete workbooks to print and use. Could it get any easier?

Free workbooks
Inside a workbook: School Memories

8. Use assessment resources

Canva has templates to use for student self-reflections, spelling tests, and exit tickets! If you search “Exit Ticket,” you will also have the option to create your own blank exit ticket. There are specific pre-made tests available too, like spelling CVC words or words with added suffixes.

Exit ticket template
Spelling test templates

9. Choose from graphics to enhance your own designs

If you like to create your own materials rather than use templates, Canva also has an amazing graphics section to use while designing worksheets and presentations. To create your own worksheet from the homepage, click “Create a Design” and then “Doc.” From there, you can start adding text to your document. Add in graphics by clicking “Elements” on the left side and searching the graphic you’d like to add to your worksheet. You can also add in tables, shapes, etc.

Adding graphics to custom worksheets

10. Assign Canva work to Google Classroom

Canva is directly linked to Google Classroom, so if you are able to allow students to use Canva for projects themselves, you can assign work directly through your teacher account. Select “Classwork” on the left side of your homepage, followed by  “New Activity” in the top right corner. Choose the template you’ll assign to students, and then click “Assign” to choose how you’ll get the template to students, including through use of Google Classroom. You can also track classwork on this page of Canva if you want to get really fancy!

Google Classroom assignments - create a group comic strip

This is only the start to all that Canva is capable of! It is amazing that teachers have free access to this amazing resource. Which hack will you try first?

Best Canva Hacks for Teachers