Birthdays aren’t quite the same at our age as they are for kids. Every birthday is special when you’re growing up. So make it super special for your students with one of these awesome birthday boards in the classroom. Enjoy!

1. We grow together

Birthday Boards1_Bored Teachers

Via: Joe’s Kindergarten

2. Birthday Cupcakes!

Birthday Boards_Bored Teachers

Via: Teaching Little Miracles

3. Birthday balloons.

Birthday Boards3_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

4. Get on your way, it’s your birthday!

Birthday Boards4_Bored Teachers

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5. Bonfire birthday!

Birthday Boards5_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinimg

6. A star is born!

Birthday Boards6_Bored Teachers

Via: Stage of Learning

7. Cupcake candles with dates in the flames!

Birthday Boards7_Bored Teachers

Via: Scrapping West

8. Fish-ful thinking!

Birthday Boards8_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

9. Birthday gift bag board

Birthday Boards9_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

10. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Birthday Boards10_Bored Teachers

Via: Scribble Time

11. Bloomin’ birthdays!

Birthday Boards11_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

12. Birthday mug shots!

Birthday Boards12_Bored Teachers

Via: Petits Grans Artistes

13. Cupcakes & presents for everyone!

Birthday Boards13_Bored Teachers

Via: Fabulous in Fifth

14. Below the sea birthdays

Birthday Boards14_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

15. Micky Mouse birthday board

Birthday Boards15_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

16. Birthdays are a blast!

Birthday Boards16_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

17. Let the minions remember the birthdays!

Birthday Boards17_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

18. Cute idea using coloured clothespins to mark the names

Birthday Boards18_Bored Teachers

Via: Lillou Handmade

19. Gifts galore!

Birthday Board19_Bored Teachers

Via: The Coffee Crafted Teacher

20. Hootin’ birthday owls

Birthday Boards20_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

21. Or go the down-to-earth route!

Birthday Boards21_Bored Teachers

Via: Lollipops Pegasus

22. Popcorn birthday board.

Birthday Boards22_Bored Teachers

Via: MPM School Supplies

23. Cute & easy

Birthday Boards23_Bored Teachers

Via: Just Reed

24. Birthday medallions

Birthday Boards23_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

25. Everyone loves balloons!

Birthday Boards25_Bored Teachers

Via: The Teacher Gene

Have you created your own birthday board? Send your photos for a chance to be featured!

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