If the fire marshall gives you the green light, one of the best ways to make your classroom welcoming on the first day, and every day of school, is with a fun classroom door. Check out these 45 creative ideas for some inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Remind your students how important they are.

When you enter this classroom_Bored Teachers

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2. Inspire them to read, read, read!

Classroom doors 2_ Bored TEachers

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3. Encourage them to be ambitious.

Classroom Doors 3_Bored Teachers

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4. Remember to be your BEST SELF.

Classroom Doors 4_Bored Teachers

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5. This classroom only breeds Superheroes!

Classroom Door 5_ Bored Teachers

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5. Today’s readers are tomorrow’s LEADERS!

Classroom Doors31_Bored Teachers

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7. Moving on up to the FOURTH Grade!

Classroom Doors 7_BoredTeachers

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8. ReadBox – Taking books to a whole new level!

Classroom Doors8_Bored Teachers

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9. Enter this classroom through the whale’s mouth!

Classroom Door9_Bored Teachers

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10. ATTENTION: Kids at Work!

Classroom Doors10_Bored Teachers

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11. Make each day your Masterpiece!

Classroom Doors11_Bored Teachers

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12. Enter the a-MAZE-ing Pac Man world!

Classroom Doors12_Bored Teachers

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13. Hop right in!

Classroom Doors 13_Bored Teachers

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14. Insta classroom – where memories happen!

Classroom Doors14_Bored Teachers

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15. This door is cute as a button!

Cute as a button

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16. Music is who I am – express yourself!

Classroom Doors16_Bored Teachers

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17. The Dr. Seuss-inspired classroom door.

Classroom Decor17_Bored Teachers

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18. Ladybugs are good luck!

Classroom Door18_BoredTeachers

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19. Hold your breath & dive into 3rd grade!

Classroom Doors19_Bored Teachers

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20. Set your goals high – Reach for the Stars!

Classroom Doors20_Bored Teachers

Via: Second Grade Thrills

21. The motivational VERBAL door!

Classroom Doors 21_Bored Teachers

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22. Lego Block Door

Classroom Doors22_Bored Teachers

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23. Because who doesn’t love s’mores!

Classroom Doors24_Bored Teachers

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24. Remind your kids that kindness is cool!

Classroom Doors24_Bored Teachers

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25. Under the ocean exploration.

Classroom Doors25_Bored Teachers

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26. Dr. Seuss-ful!

Classroom Doors26_Bored Teachers

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27. Yes you can – one student at a time!

Classroom Doors27_Bored Teachers

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28. Spring fever is in the air!

Classroom Doors28_Bored Teachers

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29. The tree of life – fun DIY project!

Classroom Doors29_Bored Teachers

Via: My Classroom Ideas

30. Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!

Classroom Doors30_Bored Teachers

Via: Teaching in the tropics

31. Lift Each Other Up!

Classroom Doors6_Bored Teachers

Via: Clutter-Free Classroom


32. The super cool kid classroom.

Classroom Doors32_Bored Teachers

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33. Sharp as a bunch of pencils!

Classroom Doors33_BoredTeachers

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34. Hopefully, they don’t all jump around like popcorn popping in the microwave!

Classroom Doors34_Bored Teachers

Via: Ms Fleming’s Second Grade

35. Your tribe is your hive!

Classroom Doors35_Bored Teachers

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36. The Road to Success passes through here!

Classroom Doors36_Bored Teachers

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37. Just like flowers in the rain – when we learn, we grow!

Classroom Doors37_Bored Teachers

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38. In this classroom, we do BIG things!

Classroom Doors38_Bored Teachers

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39. Who wouldn’t want to go to class here!

Classroom Doors39_Bored Teachers

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40. Look who’s hanging out in 1st grade?

Classroom Doors40_Bored Teachers

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41. O-FISH-ally in 1st Grade!

Classroom Doors41-Bored Teachers

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42. An apple a day…

Classroom Doors42_Bored Teachers

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43. Welcome to the loving nest.

Classroom Doors43_Bored Teachers

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44. Step in and let the Adventures Begin!

Classroom Doors44_Bored Teachers

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45. Because there’s little SUPER in all of us!

Classroom Doors45_Bored Teachers

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Have you decorated your own classroom door? Send in your photos for a chance to be featured!

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