Believe it or not, Fall is here, and so are all the Halloween & Thanksgiving preps that come with it. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve selected 30 of the best Autumn-themed classroom doors we could find, to make your job easier. Send us photos of your classroom door, for a chance to be featured!

1. Fall is a Hoot!

Fall Doors28_Bored Teachers

Via: 6th Grade Tales

2. K4 is a Hoot!

Fall Classroom Door2_Bored Teachers

Via:Christen Anderson

3. Welcome Y’all It’s Fall!

Fall Classroom Doors3_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

4. Simple & Fun Mummy Door

Fall Classroom Doors4_Bored Teachers

Via: My Classroom Ideas

5. Giant Owl Classroom Door

Fall Classroom Door5_Bored Teachers

Via: My Classroom Ideas

6. Back for S’more Learning

Fall Classroom Door6_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

7. Come In My Pretties!

Fall Classroom Doors7_Bored Teachers

Via: Crafty Mornings

8. Special batch of pumpkins.

Fall Classroom Doors7_Bored Teachers

Via: It’s a Preschool Party

9. Fall Football Tree

Fall Classroom Doors8_Bored Teachers

Via: Play dough & Popsicles

10. Fang-Tastic Students Inside!

Fall Classroom Doors9_Bored Teachers

Via: My Classroom Ideas

11. Scare Crowing Away Summer!

Fall Classroom Doors11_Bored Teachers

Via: Crafty Hands and Christian Hearts

12. We Are Tree-mendously Thankful!

Fall Classroom Doors12_Bored Teachers

Via: Julie Purdum

13. A hallway you can “Fall” in love with!

Fall Classroom Doors12_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

14. Grateful Turkey door – have every student write what they’re thankful for on the feathers.

Fall Classroom Doors14_Bored Teachers

Via:Preschool Wonders

15. Drugs are a Nightmare

Fall Classroom Doors15_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

16. Fall Poems Tree

Fall Classroom Doors16_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

“Students write poems about fall and write them on the leaves for the tree on your door. As students walk in they will be able to see their poems on the tree.”

17. School is a Bushel of Fun!

Fall Classroom Doors17_Bored Teachers

Via: Teri Graham

18. Evil Minion Door

Fall Classroom Doors18_Bored Teachers

Via: Diana Gates

19. Thankful Tree

Fall Classroom Door18_Bored Teachers

Via: Our Goodwin Journey

20. Whooo’s Ready for a Great Year?

Fall Classroom Doors20_Bored Teachers

Via: Fourth Grade Finn Funn

21. We Are Wickedly Smart

Fall Classroom Doors21_Bored Teachers

Via: Virginia Pressly

22. Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch

Fall Doors22_Bored Teachers

Via: Jill Murphy

23. “Look Whooo’s in our room!” Owl Door

Fall Classroom Doors23_Bored Teachers

Via: Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten

24. Spooky Monster Halloween Door

Fall Classroom Doors24_Bored Teachers

Via: All You

25. Dropping Into a Great Year

Fall Doors25_Bored Teachers

Via: The Applicious Teacher

26. Giant scare crow door.

Fall Doors26_Bored Teachers

Via: Big DIY Ideas

27. Don’t Do Drugs, That’s Just Nuts!

Fall Doors27_Bored Teachers

Via: Bing

28. We’re popping into Fall!

Fall Classroom Doors29_ Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest