The relaxing summer break days will soon be daydream again, and we’ll be back at school getting our classrooms ready for the school year.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to spice up your learning environment, we’ve got you covered! Check out these 30 awesome classroom decorations for some of the cutest ideas you’ll ever find.

1. Retro Chic Classroom Decor

Classroom Theme Idea_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

2. The Ultimate Reading Chair

reading chair_Bored Teachers

 Via: Instructables


3. Colorful Ceiling Decor

Awesome Ceiling Decor

Via: Pinterest

4. Underwater Themed Decor

Underwater Ceiling Decor_Bored Teachers

Via: The Charming Classroom

5. Hanging Books

Hanging Books Decor_Bored Teachers

Via: Zest it Up

6. Poet-Tree Reading Corner

reading corner_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

7. Rainbow Classroom

Rainbow Classroom_ Bored Teachers

Via: School Girl Style

8. Owl Lovers

Owl Classroom Door_Bored Teachers

Via: Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten

9. Spread Kindness in the Classroom

Spread Kindness in the classroom_ Bored Teachers

Via: Lemon Tree Creations

10. Neat & Organized

Neat and organized_Bored Teachers

Via: A Cupcake for The Teacher

11. Under $25 Classroom Decor!

Under $25 Classroom decor_ Bored Teachers

Find the tutorial here: Another Day in First Grade

12. Ninja Turtle Themed Classroom

Ninja Turtle Theme Classroom

Via: School Girl Style

13. Clouds & Precipitation

Clouds and Precipitation Theme Classroom_ Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

14. No more running and pushing in line.

No more running and pushing in line_Bored Teachers

Via: Mrs. Mayas’ Kindergarten

15. Lego Wall – A dream come true

Lego Wall_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

16. Wall Pop Dry Erase Stickers

Wall Pop Dry Erase Stickers_ Bored Teachers

Try Wall Pop dry erase stickers on a table in your classroom for spelling work, small group instruction, and math time. Colorful and fun, they’re sure to be a huge hit!

17. Add some color to your trash!

Polk-a-dot Trash Can

Via: Teach Preschool

18. Wagon desks for Cowboy Themed Classroom

Wagon desks Cowboy Classroom_Bored Teachers

Via: Adventures in Mrs. Martin’s Room

19. DIY Guided Reading Crate Seats

crate seats_Bored Teachers

Via: What the Teacher Wants

20. Easy-to-Make Giant Pencil Pole

Giant Pencil Pole

Via: Pinterest

All you need to create that awesome giant pencil is a hallway pole, some paint and some air duct tubing.

21. Lego Wall

Lego Wall_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

All you need to make this awesome lego wall is some colored paper and matching plates!

22. Birds at the Window!

Birds at the Window

Via: Pinterest

23. Dr. Seuss Inspired Classroom

Dr Seuss Classroom Theme_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

24. Camping Themed Classroom

Camping Theme Classroom_Bored Teachers

Via: School Girl Style

25. A 3-D Sun to Set the Stage for your Solar System Unit

Summer school Ideas_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

26. A Jungle-Themed Classroom

jungle classroom_Bored Teachers


27. Woodsy Fairytale Reading Pods

woodsy fairytale classroom_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

28. A “Natural Habitat” Classroom

natural habitat classroom_Bored Teachers


29. A Canopy-Covered Classroom

canopy classroom_Bored Teachers


30. An Apple Orchard Themed Classroom

apple orchard classroom_Bored Teachers


Do you have photos of your decorated classroom? Send them in for a chance to be featured!

classroom decor_featured image_Bored Teachers