Calling all Cricut lovers! Have you been using your Cricut machine to prepare for the new school year? Teachers around the world have been finding new ways to use theirs to maximize classroom organization and appearance. Slowly but surely Cricut machines are replacing label makers, printers, and die-cut letters. From designing bulletin boards to organizing bins, there’s so much you can do with a Cricut!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored promotion for Cricut. We’re simply loving the many awesome ways teachers are using their Cricut machines in their classrooms and at home and wanted to share! We may, however, get a small share of the sales made through the Amazon affiliate links below.

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1. Decorate a painted stool

Cricut classrooms: Decorate your stool!

via: @castlesandcubbies

@castlesandcubbies painted her stool then used her Cricut to personalize it. It’s perfect for sitting on during read alouds!

2. Label the drawers on your rolling cart

Use a cricut to label the drawers on a rolling cart.

via: @thecanadianteacher

Many teachers print labels to stick on their rolling drawers, but this is truly a job for the Cricut! Label the drawers by day of the week then place paper materials for that day inside. Additional drawers can be for papers to grade, copy, or file!

3. Label your pencil buckets

Label your pencil buckets so you always know which ones are ready to use.

via: @heyhey1stgrade

Neatly label buckets to showcase which pencils are sharp and which pencils need sharpening. You could also label the bins “clean” and “dirty” given today’s circumstances. These pencil buckets are from the Dollar Tree, but you could also find them in multiple colors on Amazon!

4. Ditch the cardboard crayon boxes for these plastic containers that can be labeled with your cricut!

Use a cricut to label plastic crayon boxes for each student.

via: @hannah_teaches

This is so simple, yet such a game changer. Cardboard crayon boxes are always ripping apart, so using these plastic containers instead will keep the crayons safe in one place. Label the boxes with student names or numbers so that students each have their own. Find these plastic containers at Michaels for less than $1 each with your teacher discount! Amazon also has cheap options in multiple sizes!

5. Make a “first day of school” sign for your students to pose with

Make an adorable first day of school sign easily with a cricut.

via: @ms_basile_kinder

Making signs for your students to pose with is a fun way to connect with parents when sharing photos. You could also make signs that say “Published Author” or “I received a 100 on my math test!”

6. Design bulletin boards with your Cricut instead of die-cut letters

Perfect your bulletin board game using a cricut.

via: @taleof2teachers

Loving this brilliant time-saving hack by Kristen and Alexis, the two teachers behind the account@taleof2teachers. Rather than using vinyl for the letters, they laminated cardstock paper before putting it into their Cricut to cut the letters for them. All they needed to do was print them out and stick them to the bulletin board paper. Best part? Since the letters are laminated they’ll easily be able to take them down and use them again next year!

7. Randomly call on students with this “Lucky Duck” system carefully labeled with the help of a cricut!

Label the jar with “Lucky Duck” then label the bottom of each duck with a student’s name. Pull you the rubber ducks to randomly call on students.  Grab a 50 count of rubber ducks for $9 on Amazon.

via: @thatteachertaylor

Rather than labeling your bins with sharpies, try using your cricut instead for a cleaner look. This system in particular is used for randomly calling on students (kind of like pulling popsicle sticks). You could even label the ducks with student names using your cricut! Grab a 50 count of rubber ducks for under $10 on Amazon.

8. Spice up your teacher planner

Many of us are addicted to overpriced, personalized planners! With a Cricut, you can buy any planner and personalize it yourself.

9. Drop little reminders around your classroom to promote personal hygiene 

Use a cricut to make hand washing more inviting.

via: @justpeachyinelementary

Cutting out letters isn’t just for labeling drawers and decorating bulletin boards! They also make for great reminders around the room, like washing hands or listing class rules.

10. Make your own calendar display

Use a cricut to make a cool calendar display.

via: @letthemplayinpuddles

This teacher used plywood as her base to add vinyl letters for a calendar. She drilled holes into the wood and used twine to hang each part of the calendar. 

11. Label book bins by subject

Use a cricut to label book bins.

via: @year3adventurers

Label your teacher bins by subject, day of the week, or type of material.

12. Apply motivational quotes to the surface of lap desks

via: @year3adventurers

Students love using these lap desks, so why not add some motivation to these well-loved pieces of our classroom?! Remind students just how smart and loved they are.

13. Repurpose your rolling cart into a sanitation station labeled with your Cricut

Use a cricut to label your rolling cart.

via: @sincerelymrsvaught

Clearly label your sanitation station on wheels! This hack is easy to roll around for sanitizing and easy on the eyes thanks to a Cricut!

14. Use your cricut to design your tap lights!

Label classroom push lights with a cricut.

via: @elementary_with_mrs.b

Tap lights can be used for reminders when learning virtually (as pictured above), or for levels of voice in the classroom (level 1, level 2, or level 3). Label the front of your push lights with your Cricut so that students know what each lit up light stands for. Check out these clever ways to use tap lights in the classroom!

The possibilities are truly endless with a Cricut machine. Are you convinced yet? Here’s a link to our favorite Cricut machine you can purchase with Amazon Prime (currently on sale!)

14 Awesome Things You Can Do for Your Classroom With a Cricut Machine