Every class can get a bit chatty, off-topic, or downright crazy! Attention-getters are a quick and easy way to get everyone back on track and back to work. In 2021, they can also be a great way to tell students when it’s time to mask up or mute their computers. In call and response attention-getters, teachers call out a catchy phrase and students respond with something witty back. Here are some great attention-getters for 2021. Whether you’re teaching in person or online, you’ll have your students’ attention in no time!

2021 themed attention-getters

Teacher: “Masks on!”
Students: “Voices off!”

Teacher: “When I say M, you say A. M!”
Students: “A!”
Teacher: When I say S, you say K. S!”
Students: “K!”

Teacher: “Mask”
Students: “It up!”

Teacher: “Social distance!”
Students: “6 feet!”

Teacher: “Masks on!”
Students: “Hands off!”

Teachers: “1, 2, masks on you!”
Students: “1, 2, 3, mask on me!”

Teacher: “When I say ‘social,’ you say…”
Students: “Distance!”

Teachers: “You have your mask!”
Students: “Time to be on task!”

Teacher: “3, 2, 1!”
Students: “Masks on!”
Teacher: “Nice thinkin’!”
Students: “Abe Lincoln!”

Teacher: “Before you ask!”
Students: “Put on your mask!”

For online learners

Teacher: It’s time to…”
Students: “Zoom! Zoom!”

Teacher: “Mute buttons off!”
Students: “Time to stop!”

Teacher: “Zoom! Zoom!”
Students: “Shhhh.”

Teacher: “Video on!”
Students: “Voices off!”

Teachers: “Z, O, O, M!”
Students: “It’s time to Zoom!”

Teacher: “Video on!”
Students: “Voices off!”

Teachers: “How do we learn?”
Students: “Virtually!”

Teachers: “You’re online!”
Students: “Ready to learn!”

Teachers: “Distance!”
Students: “Learning!”

Teacher: “We are learning all the time!”
Students: “At home!”

Teacher: “Neato.”
Students: “Mosquito.”
Teacher: “Ready to rock?”
Students: “Ready to ZOOM!”

Pop culture call and response

Teacher: “Bernie Sanders!”
Students: “In mittens!”

Teacher: “Tik!”
Students: “Tok!”
Teacher: “Tik!”
Students: “Tok!”

Teacher: “Student sharks!”
Students: “Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo!”

Teachers: “Baby”
Students: “Yoda!”
Teachers: “Time it is”
Students: “To learn!”

Teacher: “Tik Tok!”
Students: “I’m ready to rock!”

Teacher: “Time to mute!”
Students: “Shhhhh.”

Teacher: “Hey, hey, what do you say…”
Students: “We have a great Zoom today!”

Teacher: “Mute yo selves!”
Students: “Treat yo selves!”

Teacher: “Captain Crunch, Fruit Loop!”
Students: “We were talking, now we’ll mute!”

Teachable and inspiring

Teacher: “L-I-S!”
Students: “T-E-N!”

Teacher: “No bees, no honey!”
Students: “No work, no money!”

Teacher: “Crystal!”
Students: “Clear!”

Teachers: “Reach!”
Students: “For the stars!”

Teacher: “A mistake is a chance…”
Students: “To do better!”

Teacher: “We will, we will!”
Students: “Learn a lot!”

Teacher: “All you need is…”
Students: “LOVE!”

Teacher: “We can do…”
Students: “Hard things!”

Timelessly fun attention-getters

Teacher: “You can’t spell awesome!”
Students: “Without me!”

Teachers: “Pop, pop, pop!”
Students: “Time to stop!”

Teachers: “Easy peasy!”
Students: “Lemon squeezy!”

Teachers: “Chicken wing, chicken wing.”
Students: “Hot dog and bologna!”

Teachers: “Check the clock!”
Students: “It’s time to rock!”

Teachers: “Hey all your (insert your school mascot) fans!”
Students: “Sit down and fold your hands!”

Teacher: “Zip, zip, zip!”
Students: “My lips, lips, lips!”

Teacher: “Chop, chop!”
Students: “Lollipop!”

Teacher: “It is done!”
Students: “Well done!”

Teacher: “Shoulders and knees!”
Students: “Everybody freeze!”

Teacher: “Heart to heart.”
Students: “Ready to start!”

Teacher: “Hanna banana.”
Students: “Willa vanilla.”

Teacher: “Don’t be a clown.”
Students: “Sit on down.”

Teacher: “Coffee cup.”
Students: “Let’s all stand up.”

Teacher: “Goodness gracious!”
Students: “Great balls of fire!”

Teacher: “It’s time to…”
Students: “Sparkle!”

Teacher: “Watch me, watch me.”
Students: “Watch you, watch you.”

Teacher: “1, 2.”
Students: “3, 4.”
Teacher: “Let’s go!”
Students: “Learn some more!”

Teacher: “Bubble gum, lollipop.”
Students: “All this noise needs to stop!”

Teacher: “Zip zap zime.”
Students: “It’s learning time!”

Teacher: “Your turn!”
Students: “Let’s learn!”

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