School cafeterias aren’t always the most pleasant places to be in. However, schools are changing and so are our eating habits. Many schools believe that providing students with a comfy and pleasant cafeteria can make them feel more at home, help them forget about their stressful day, and enjoy the convivial moment with their schoolmates. Does your school have a cool-looking cafeteria? Send us your photos!

1. King Solomon Elementary School – Israel

Outstanding School Cafeterias wood on walls and paintings of trees/plants/fruits and plates. Blue green and yellow long tablesVia: Sarit Shani Hay

entire wall made of large windows, very bright and cleanVia: Sarit Shani Hay

2. Elementary school cafeteria redesigned into a farm mural by artist Laura Gross

School cafeteria with farm mural, cows, fields, trees, sun, pond etcVia: Laura Gross

Close-up of farm mural, cow, barn, tractorVia: Laura Gross

3. “Feed your dreams” mural – Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School, Nashville, TN

Mural Via: MNPS Chef Rebecca

4. Fort Hamilton High School – NYC, New York

Mural represents America NY welcoming all immigrants. Beautiful painted muralVia: Thrive Collective

Close up of mural, word Via: Thrive Collective

“Welcome To Bay Ridge” mural stands in the cafeteria of one of the most diverse public high schools in NYC. Its message, nothing more than “I am NYC”, proudly preaches diversity, community, and persistence.

5. Roecroft Primary School

Mural represent heart made out of veggies. One side green veggies, other side all red orange veggies

6. “Get Moving” Cafeteria Mural

Mural representing athletes, musicians, readers , dancers coming out of a giant salad. Glass of water, fruits and giant veggiesVia: The Art Workshop

7. Amazing murals by Joe Wilson

School cafeteria mural representing old town. Human scaleVia: Facebook | Joe Wilson

Mural showing a giant beach with boat and palm treesVia: Facebook | Joe Wilson

Mural showing cute old streetVia: Facebook | Joe Wilson

8. M.H. Moore Elementary Mural by Jerold Alexander

Mural 2 kids reading against tree_horses running, dreamy forest etcVia: Pinterest

9. School mascot-themed cafeteria

Via: Carrols

10. Baltimore Design School Cafeteria

Orange painted doors, blue wall Via: Jillian

Via: Jillian

Stack your traysVia: Jillian

" pointing at exit door" width="899" height="598" class="alignnone">Via: Jillian

11. Elementary School cafeteria transformed by Art Teacher Mr. Mark Kannengieszer Pulaski

Rainbow theme mural with brioche, cheese, fruits and veggiesVia: CSD News

12. Recycling Signage – King County School

Recycle mural, 4 arrows_ garbage, food, recycle, liquids. Each arrow has examples of what goes in their garbageVia: King County

13. Dreamy Cafeteria – Burke County

Sky and clouds walls, with a rainbow crossing from one side to the otherVia: Pinterest

14. “Eat a rainbow” Mural – McKay Elementary School, Beaverton, OR

Fruits and veggies sorted by colors, and caption Via: School Meals that Rock

15. White Station Highschool, Memphis, TN

Giant letters Via: White Station Scroll

Does your school have an cool-looking cafeteria? Send in your photos to for a chance to get your school featured!

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