Math is one of the core subjects taught at all grade levels. It’s also one of those subjects where students need visuals to help them learn and retain information. That’s where math bulletin boards come in! Create a few visually appealing math-themed boards to remind your students of math concepts in a fun, eye-pleasing, memory-making way.

Here are over 42 fun math bulletin boards!

1. List problem-solving strategies

Students learn numerous strategies for problem-solving. Create a bulletin board reminding students of all these strategies. When homework or test time comes around, students can simply glance at the bulletin board to remind them to draw a picture, to figure out a subtraction problem, or make a list to find the answer to a word problem.

2. Make it scientific

A periodic table to elements doesn’t have to stay in the science classroom! Create a table of math elements to remind students what each part of a problem is. Not only is this visually appealing, but it will help students remember important math vocabulary, including types of angles and shapes, decimals, and the different terms in geometry.

3. Teach math language

There are many terms associated with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division that students need to know and remember when reading math problems from their textbook. A table of math language on a bulletin board can be just the thing to help get these terms into their brains. Separate the board into four sections and hang up those key terms. When students see them on a math problem, the board will help them remember what method they need to use to solve the problem.

4. Make a word wall

Word walls are typically used to teach spelling and vocabulary words, but they can be useful in teaching math terms as well. If your math class is learning about fractions, hang up decorations related to those key math terms. Add some visual aids and your students will find learning a new and tricky concept much easier and more fun.

5. Show that math is useful

Teachers have all heard the old, “What will I ever use this for?” lamentation in response to hard math. Create a bulletin board showing how useful math is in all areas of life. Choose several professions or activities and write a short description of how math is used. You’ll see the lightbulbs going off as students realize just how important math really is.

6. Tell a number story

Make a kid-centered bulletin board by having students create their own number stories. This can be a great get-to-know-you activity at the beginning a new math class. It also gives students a visual way to introduce themselves with numbers.

7. Use a math-themed alphabet

All primary school teachers have an alphabet posted somewhere in their classroom. Why not use a math-themed alphabet? Students will still have access to an alphabet, but they will also learn the definitions of 26 math concepts.

8. Go on a treasure hunt

Create a math-themed treasure hunt, such as adding and subtracting fractions or adding and subtracting money. As students solve problems, they will get closer to the treasure, which could be a fun math activity as a class or a little extra recess.

9. Do an art project

Teach math concepts with a fun art project in place of book work. Robots, for example, can be used to teach how to find the area of a shape in an entertaining and visual way. It’s more fun and more likely that kids will remember the lesson. These math bulletin boards are so fun and visually appealing!

10. Set some math goals

Ring in the new year or start a new school year by having your students make some math resolutions. Perhaps they want to memorize all the multiplication facts or become better at fractions. Create a fun party-themed bulletin board celebrating all these future accomplishments.

11. Tell some jokes

Math jokes_42 Amazing Math Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom
Source: Math Teacher

Kids love jokes, and they love to laugh, so incorporate some math jokes into a bulletin board for some added classroom fun. Even better – use math jokes that also teach or reinforce a math concept you’ve already taught.

12. Use candy

Replace the actual name of a package of candy with a math pun leading students to the answer. Hang up the new and math improved candy wrappers on a bulletin board. Students will have a ton of fun trying to figure out what kind of candy each one is.

13. Make a math word game

42 Amazing Math Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom
Source: Math Giraffe

Create a game that encourages students to find key math terms hidden in a puzzle of letters. Take the lesson even further by having students write the definitions or show an example of each word they find.

14. Show place value

Place value is one of those math concepts that is tricky to remember because students must go backwards instead of forward as they might when solving other math equations. A bulletin board that colorfully illustrates place value is a great way to help students learn and remember this tricky math concept.

15. Make wanted posters

This is a great bulletin board for teaching geometrical concepts. Students choose a shape and then create a wanted poster describing that shape. The posters will become a learning guide for the other students. Kids are much more likely to recall the characteristics of each shape this way versus simply reading the definitions from a math book.

16. Track student progress

Set up a bulletin board that keeps track of student progress as they memorize their addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts. Once all the students have mastered their facts, the class can celebrate with an ice cream party. Talk about fun!

17. Display art arrays

Math arrays
Source: Darcele Todd

Arrays can be a visually stunning way to teach students how to multiply. Instead of simply having students draw circles or squares, however, turn the task into an art project. Create arrays that look like windows on high rise buildings and create math bulletin boards of downtown scenes. Or use donut shapes and have students make arrays filling boxes with donuts. In addition to being fun, these visual images will stick with students as they do their multiplication homework.

18. Make mistakes

The old saying tells us that mistakes are proof we are trying, but students rarely enjoy making those mistakes. Instead, you make the mistakes! Hang up several math problems on a bulletin board and see if students can find the mistakes. Once students find the them, encourage them to solve the problem correctly.

19. Use pictures

Teach hard math concepts, such as the Pythagorean theorem, using pictures. Even older students enjoy the chance to draw and color, and this can be combined with solving the actual problem as well. Once complete, the pictures can hang on a bulletin board to help teach other students how to solve similar problems.

20. Make it a challenge

Set up a math challenge on a bulletin board. Students will complete a series of tasks to solve the problem. As they solve, they can color or get clues to solve one last tricky math equation. Students will love to do math with this engaging bulletin board!

21. Show an example

Concept breakdown example
Source: Allison Iles

Remind students of the method for solving a new concept, such as long division, with a large example on a bulletin board. Break the problem down into steps and use key terms to help students remember how to solve equations.

22. Practice telling time

Post several clocks on a bulletin board that tell students what time different subjects and activities begin. This is a great way for students to practice recognizing time, and it can also prevent those “how long until…” questions!

23. Celebrate great work

Instead of a refrigerator to display excellent work, create “The Fridge” on a bulletin board. Allow students to hang math assignments or tests they are especially proud of on the board. Even better – you choose a few great examples and praise those students for their hard work.

24. Teach math talk

Math talk sentence starters
Source: Ann Hulsey

Teach students how to talk themselves through hard math problems by putting questions they can ask on display. Often, thinking about different ways to figure out an answer is all it takes to encourage students to keep working until they are successful.

25. Give them the answer

Create a bulletin board showcasing your students’ word problem solving skills. Give each students a blank word problem drawing and writing page with an answer written on it. Students will then create a word problem that gets them to the answer provided.

26. Make a giant timeline

Reinforce the concept of telling time by having students make clocks on paper plates to create a timeline of the day. Each paper plate will show a time that the class does something, such as go to recess or have math class. Students can also illustrate what the students are doing at each time.

27. Hang some memes

Math meme bulletin board_42 Amazing Math Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom
Source: Math Memes

Kids love memes! There are so many math memes out there, and you can use them to create fun math bulletin boards. Invite students to find and bring in memes to add to the board.

28. Make reference rings

Put together some little reference cards showing students the steps in a certain type of problem or defining key math terms. When students get stuck on a problem, they can grab a reference ring to help them figure it out.

29. Have kids make it

Who says you have to make all the bulletin boards? Give students a subject, such as patterns, and have them create a board. Research suggests that when kids teach a concept, they are much more likely to remember it. It’s a win-win – you save time creating the board, and the students remember what you’ve taught them!

30. Play Sudoku

This number strategy game is a great way to build in some extra math practice. Hang a large sudoku grid on a bulletin board and allow students to make a move when they have a few minutes of free time.

31. Show that math can be magic

Hang up some math concepts that seem quite magical! In addition to being eye-catching, students will also learn a lot about math concepts that only look tricky. Once they understand the magic, the problems will be a lot easier to solve.

32. Use cute pictures

A cute bulletin board is sure to catch the attention of your students. Using fun graphics will entice students to look at the board, and, while they are looking, they will also be learning!

33. Make it hands-on

Reinforce addition with a hands-on math problem. Perhaps you’ll use marshmallows in hot cocoa or conversation hearts in February. Give students an addition problem and have them solve it using the hands-on manipulatives. Then they can glue them onto a picture, and you’ll have an easy and fun bulletin board.

34. Uncover hidden math

Hidden math
Source: Amanda

There are so many math rules that can trick up your students. Reveal those hidden concepts with math bulletin boards. The students will be able to use the bulletin board as a resource during math class, which will boost their overall understanding of those tricky math concepts.

35. Find math in nature

Take a few pictures of math in nature, such as a number made from leaves or rocks or a geometrical shape in the clouds. Invite students to find math in nature, take a picture, and bring it in to add to your nature math bulletin board.

36. Make shape monsters

Math monsters
Source: Mrs. D

Showing flashcards is one way to teach 2D shapes, but a fun art project is a more effective way to ensure your students remember the lesson. Have students create shape monsters using several different shapes. Students should describe their monsters to the rest of the class using the names of the shapes they created. Hang the monsters on a bulletin board to help students remember what they’ve learned.

37. Remind students to check their work

Much of math is going back and checking work to make sure students have reached the correct answer. Use something relevant to students, such as a selfie, to help them remember the steps to checking their work properly. Chances are this bulletin board will result in more careful work from your students!

38. Put it on the floor

Math hopscotch
Source: Ngaire Addis

Don’t limit yourself to bulletin boards on the wall. Instead, create a practice hopscotch board on the floor for students to work on math concepts. They can hop fractions from 0 to 1 or hop as they skip count by 2s, 5s, or 10s. Whatever they are practicing will be more fun and engaging because they get to jump while they do it.

39. Give them a true or false mission

Provide students with a number and several math problems. Their job is to figure out which math problems result in the number you’ve given them, and which ones don’t. Display their work on the board to show the many ways their number can be reached.

40. Keep track of data

Data wall
Source: Mrs. Shaw

Keeping track of your students’ data doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t have to be kept in a notebook either! Instead, post the grids and graphs on a bulletin board and have students color in their sections as they reach their math goals and objectives. You’ll be able to quickly see your students’ progress and your classroom will look extra beautiful at the same time!

41. Give a math-themed reminder

Inspiring math boards
Source: Mine Ersen

Teach students other things, such as kindness, using math-themed bulletin boards. A giant calculator can be the starting point for any number of reminders, such as “Calculate Kindness.”

42. Show off what students can do

Give your students eye-pleasing, fun templates and have them solve problems right on them. Once the kids color them or add accents, you’ll have ready-made bulletin board pieces that both look good and show how awesome and smart your students are!

Math bulletin boards make any classroom more fun and enjoyable. You can make math come alive with these ideas – or use them to spark new ideas to make math more fun for your students!

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42 Amazing Math Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom