As teachers approach the end of the most challenging year in the history of humankind, it feels good when we get any kind of appreciation or gratitude from anyone. And when celebrities use their platforms to spread that respect for teachers, it feels even better. This week, celebrity Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey opened up on her Instagram supporting teachers.

“Teachers deserve the world this year! Parents, let’s spoil the crap out of our teachers for the one Appreciation day or week we honor them… this year more than ever!”

Maybe it’s because she is a certified elementary teacher herself… That’s right! Although she never actually took a job in the classroom, Melissa actually went to college to become a teacher before deciding to pursue her own business instead. Nonetheless, it must have an impact on her support for the teaching profession.

Or maybe it’s because she ended up becoming a homeschool teacher this past year and got a taste of what teachers have to go through every day…kind of. You might remember her Instagram story from last year showing her three kids all set up with their laptops in their fancy kitchen. Not exactly comparable to a public school teacher with 30+ students in a tiny classroom of a Title I school, of course, but still not an easy task at all!

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With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, hopefully, Melissa’s story reached a lot of parents who might have forgotten that it’s Teacher Appreciation Week to go out and spoil their kids’ teachers with something nice.

“Alright, so teachers deserve the world, we all know that. But especially this year! What they’ve been going through in those classrooms and doing all the virtual and all the extra emails from all us mothers including myself… is just crazy!”

Gorga goes on to recommend “the best gift for teachers this year” — the first and only clothing subscription service made exclusively for teachers: Teacher Style Box. You may have heard about it or seen it all over the “Teachergram” world lately. Celebrity comedian and actor Ryan Hansen (who is good friends with Kristen Bell — another frequent supporter of educators) also posted to his IG stories last week about hooking up his kids’ teachers with Teacher Style Box this year!

“Our kids’ teachers have been rockstars during this mostly Zoom school and now in person school year. Hook up your kids’ teacher!!!!!!”

Ryan Hansen on Instagram
Melissa Gorga Is Pouring Her Heart Out For Teacher Appreciation Day and We're in Love_ Ryan Hansen

If none of your students’ parents end up hooking you up with a gift membership this week, no worries! You can still try it for free. Teacher Style Box is giving all teachers a FREE month with unlimited boxes, endless styles, and free laundry for Teacher Appreciation Month. So head over to to grab yours and treat yourself to 30 days of fashionable and comfortable outfits!

Melissa Gorga is Pouring Her Heart Out For Teacher Appreciation Day and We're in Love