Because everything is now digital, we sometimes don’t realize there is an easy resource that can be utilized for fun activities in the classroom: physical newspapers.

Newspapers are very adaptable in teaching various subject areas. Stem, current events, art, and writing activities are all enhanced by using black and white newsprint.

Here are 10 easy and fun newspaper activities your students will love.

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1. Time Capsules

Time capsules are a very motivating way to spark creativity and create memories. There is a lot to remember from this year.

  1. Collect Pringles cans.
  2. 2. Cover the cans with construction paper or even newspaper.
  3. Students cut out pictures of their dream cars and jobs and place inside the can.
  4. Students cut out current event articles from the newspaper that will help them remember what is going on this year. That shouldn’t be too hard. 
  5. Seal the cans and instruct students to open them after high school graduation (or in five years for high school students).

2. Magnifying letters on newsprint

This uses the scientific process of inquiry. Students predict and discover what happens when droplets of water are placed on newspapers. 

  1. Students need an eye dropper, water and newspaper.
  2. Predict what will happen when water is placed on the newspaper.
  3. Using the eyedropper, pinch a droplet of water onto the newspaper.
  4. Students explain answers.
  5. Ask them to identify pictures, words and letters after using the eye dropper.

3.Text surgery

Turn your classroom into a mock operating room. The students will love this!!

  1. Cover student desks with blue butcher paper like a surgery room set-up.
  2. Give your students surgical caps and gloves. They already have the masks due to Covid. We finally found a positive for the masks!
  3. Students should have sheets of paper labeled for each text feature (captions, illustrations, headings, subheadings and labeled diagrams).
  4. Have them perform “surgery” on newspaper and magazine articles, cutting out specific examples of each category and gluing it onto the individual sheets of paper.
  5. Celebrate a successful surgery. 

4. Mixed media dog art

Mixed media is a fun form of art that uses more than one type of material. This activity uses newspaper and construction paper.

  1. Cut out a large circle and one large square-like shape out of newspaper.
  2. Glue on a neon background, such as Astrobright paper.
  3. Cut ears and spots out of black construction paper.
  4. Add details.

5 Author’s purpose

Newspapers are a very useful tool when teaching the author’s purpose of a story. PIE (Persuasive, Informative, and Entertainment) is a very engaging lesson for students that can be culminated by incorporating an actual pie tasting or the game Pie Face.

  1. Students search for ads in the newspaper that persuade. inform, and entertain.
  2. Students should cut out the images they find.
  3. Divide a piece of construction paper into three parts, and glue the pieces for each author’s purpose category.  
  4. Culminate the lesson with a fun pie tasting or play Pie Face.

6. Paper Mache globe

Paper Mache never gets old. Although this is a tad bit messy, it is so worth the extra clean-up.

  1. 1. Buy punch balloons at the Dollar Store.
  2. 2. Students blow up balloons.
  3. 3. Use easy paper mache paste.
  4. 4. Dip the newspaper into the paper mache paste.
  5. 5. Wipe off excess and place on the balloon.
  6. Let it dry overnight.
  7. Paint the balloons blue for the oceans and green for the land.

Voila! The kids will love their creations.

7. Sight word hunt

There is nothing more fun than a treasure hunt. Here’s one of the easiest, yet most engaging newspaper activities.

  1. Pick a blend like “sh” or a particular sight word.
  2. Have students go on a Newspaper Word Hunt.
  3. Students find and cut out the words.
  4. Glue onto a piece of construction paper.
  5. Set a goal of a certain amount of words. 

8. Newspaper towers

Figuring out how to construct structures is a big part of STEM activities. This is an easy lesson to organize, yet it is challenging for students.

  1. Borrow several basketballs from the PE teacher.
  2. Put students into groups with newspapers and masking tape.
  3. Have them build a structure that will hold a basketball for five seconds.
  4. To adapt this activity for younger kids, you can use a lighter ball.

9. Necktie art

This is an easy and cute piece of art. It’s great for a Father’s Day or “Dads and Donuts” day craft.

  1. Draw a tie template and copy it onto cardstock.
  2. Tear apart the newspaper into small pieces.
  3. Use liquid glue to glue the newspaper pieces onto the template.

10. Sea animals

Kids love to learn about sea animals. This is a great way to end the unit and enhance creativity.

  1. Read the students a book about sea animals.
  2. Draw and cut animals out of two sheets of newspaper.
  3. Staple the edges, leaving an opening.
  4. Fill with newspaper, and staple shut.
  5. Use watercolors to paint. 

So, there you have it. These are ten great reasons to start collecting physical newspapers.Students will love these newspaper activities. Also, you are recycling at the same time. Win, Win.

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10 Fun Activities Using Physical Newspapers Your Students Will Love