Read Across America, which takes place every year during the first week of March, is a week set aside to encourage children to discover a love of reading. Throughout the week, kids learn that there are books for everyone and that everyone should find something they love to read about. Incorporate a blend of book-themed activities and reading ideas into your classroom this week and watch your students’ love of reading take off!

Here are some easy ideas to help get you started.

1. Invite book characters to school

Ask staff members or parents to put on costumes representing famous book characters and have them roam the halls during Read Across America week. You can make it even more fun by having photo shoots or having the characters read to the kids.

2. Give a reading challenge

Challenge your students to read certain books or certain genres of books each day during the week.

3. Have a snack

Make a snack that is book-themed so the kids can enjoy a tasty treat while they read their books.

4. Write in a journal

Encourage your students to keep track of what books they read throughout the week, what they learned from the books, and what books they would still like to read.

5. Decorate your door

Hold a door decorating contest that asks each classroom to create a reading or book-themed display. You can even turn it into a contest and have the kids and parents vote for their favorite.

6. Have a book tasting

Prepare foods that go along with your students’ favorite books. The kids will learn so much about different genres of books. Check out this easy tutorial on how to hold a book tasting!

7. Practice spelling

Give your students the letters in a famous book and see how many words they can make with those letters.

8. Do a STEM or STEAM activity

Give your students a variety of craft and building materials and see what they can build. Encourage them to think about their favorite books and characters while they brainstorm.

9. Make a book passport

Ahead of time, print small images of book covers. Every time you or your students read one of the books, they can glue the image into their book passport.

10. Do a craft

Get out the art supplies and encourage students to make something that goes with a book you’ve read in class during the week or with their favorite book.

11. Draw, draw, draw

Use printed or online drawing tutorials that teach your students how to draw their favorite book characters.

12. Bring in some science

Do a few science experiments based on books. Perhaps your students would like to create moon rocks or do some color mixing.

13. Share silly stuff

There are so many humorous kids’ books. Invite your students to share the silliest sayings, words, or characters from their favorite books and enjoy a good laugh.

14. Have a vote

Make simple ballots with characters from your students’ favorite books and have a vote to see which character is the favorite.

15. Have dress-up days

Designate a fun dress-up idea that goes with a book for each day of the week. Or encourage students to come dressed as their favorite book character.

16. Read some books

And finally, there is no better way to celebrate Read Across America week than reading lots and lots of books!

Take advantage of Read Across America week and instill a love of books and reading in your students that will last a lifetime!

16 Fun Ways to Celebrate Read Across America Week