We asked teachers what were the worst things they were ever told by angry parents at Parent-Teacher conferences. Here are the most ridiculous responses we got back!

1. “My son should not be prohibited from eating a peanut butter sandwich in class just because other kids are allergic. Just tell the other kids to stay away from him when he’s eating.”

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2. “Can you accept me on Facebook, in case I have a question about homework, so you can respond right away? It’s easier for me.”

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3. “I’ll have to take my son out for a family vacation the week before Christmas. Could you make sure nothing too important is being taught during that week?”

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4. “Sorry, we’re just a bit disappointed because we were really hoping to be in the other teacher’s class.”

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5. Parents: “Please feel free to hit our child if he misbehaves…” Teacher: “No, this will not happen.” Parents: “No, we insist!”

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6. “My daughter said you told her she wasn’t allowed to bring her hamster to school. That seems pretty racist!”

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7. “Can you not put time limits on tests? My son doesn’t like to be rushed…”

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8.  “I thought teaching was about making a difference, but maybe for you, it’s about the vacations.”

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9. “Well I pay taxes, so really I pay for your salary, and I expect you to listen to what I have to say.”

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10. “Could you put a little more energy towards your class? You’ll have all summer to chill, so just kick yourself a little and put a little extra effort into your job, please. I hope you understand that I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m just concerned about the future of my children.”

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11. “Can you please explain why my daughter scores A’s in all classes except in yours? What’s wrong with your teaching?”

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12. “I don’t believe in homework assignments, and strongly stand by my point. My son will not hand in any homework.”

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13. “If you want your students to have certain school supplies for your class, why should we be responsible for buying it for them? It’s your class, it should be your responsibility.”

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14. “Unlike you, I didn’t settle for an education degree. I have a degree in psychology. You should show a little more respect when I make suggestions on how you should manage your class.”

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15. In response to being asked to pick up their child on time… “I have to work! Isn’t it the teachers’ job to be flexible and take care of kids, so parents can work?”

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Tell us about your PTM horror stories in the comments & we’ll add them to the list!


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