Each year there seems to be a lot of talk on what teachers actually want and need for the holidays or teacher appreciation. While we absolutely love receiving special treats and thoughtful gifts, here are a few things that I would love to receive as a teacher that other people might not think of.

1. Save time and sanity with this key finder

Key Finder - Teacher Gifts

I lose my room keys more times than I want to mention – on my desk under papers, in my bag, or just right in front of me. For real, this is something practical that helps both Type A and Type B teachers.

2. Never lose a page again with these book page holders

Book Page Holders

I actually ordered these for teachers on my team, to personalize with their names. Great for read-alouds or any other book someone might love.

3. Useful and fashionable Mooas Cube Timer

Cube Timer - Teacher Gifts

In my classroom and at home, this is great for group work, or reminding me how long I’ve graded or worked on school tasks and to stop and focus on something else. Setting a timer like this is more fun than using my phone and makes sure I’m not distracted by my screen.

4. Finally get everything plugged in with this power strip

Apple-Shaped Classroom Power Strip

There are never enough plugs in class. Between students having to charge their devices all day and half of the other plugs in places where I have to crawl under tables to access them, this thing comes in handy and is just for me to use.

5. Coffee-loving teachers need this anti-spill cup holder

Anti-Spill Cupholder

It never fails – My drink will spill, on papers…because someone bumped my table. This drink holder adheres to my desk or small group tables and keeps everything safe, and I also know where my drink is – because that’s something else I tend to misplace throughout the day.

6. Every classroom needs a hand tool kit

Tool Box - Teacher Gifts

Classrooms need tools. There are so many random things that come up during the day – it’s like not having any tools at home. Keeping a tool kit like this in your classroom makes sure that no matter what project comes up, you have the tools you already need there and you don’t have to wait for someone else with tools on campus to come help.

7. Why not brighten your classroom with a jellyfish lamp?

When I first saw one of these Jellyfish Lamps in a classroom I was obsessed. It has the calming effects of a fish tank with none of the work. The kids absolutely love it as much as I do, and it’s such a fun addition.

8. Super useful car charger for your laptop and other devices

Car Charger for a Teacher's Laptop

With most of my meetings done online now, I always have to make sure my computer is charged. This means no matter where I am I need an outlet. This car charger and adaptor makes sure I am always ready for a meeting or able to multitask when I’m driving home or waiting on my kids during their swim lessons. The charger is one of those teacher gifts that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

9. These bag hooks and organizer solve a lot of problems

Bag Hooks and Organizer

It’s no surprise teachers love bags. We fill them with endless amounts of supplies and papers but when they fall over and spill in the car, it’s a mess. This budget-friendly gadget makes daily life more organized.

10. Relaxing shower steamers for those tough days

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - Teacher Gifts

I don’t normally have time to use bath bombs with how hectic things can be, but shower steamers are a fun way to start my days when I know I have parent conferences, IEP meetings and data collection. They are even better when you blast Taylor Swift at the same time.

11. Nothing brightens our smiles like receiving a Teacher Style Box

Teacher Style Box

Teacher Style Box – what teacher wouldn’t love an endless supply of clothes? Give the gift of free laundry, endless clothing swaps and designer items delivered right to their door. The first month is free to try out.

12. A pack of adorable pens, just because

Cute Pens - Teacher Gifts

Every teacher has their favorite type of pen, but sometimes you need something fun to write with. Who wouldn’t smile when they see these sitting on a table?

These are fun and affordable ways to celebrate gift-giving with fun and unique surprises any teacher would appreciate – without breaking the bank.

Last-Minute Teacher Gifts Under $25 That You  Haven't Thought of