We love an inspirational teacher story – and this one also features a teacher/woman/veteran-owned business! Sisters Joanna Jozwik Serra and Barbara Jozwik Kent immigrated to the United States from Poland as children in 1988. Barbara is a West Point graduate and a disabled veteran who served in the US Army Military Police Corps for 13 years. Joanna spent years teaching elementary school until an injury forced her to leave the field. Since both sisters were going through major life changes due to unexpected injuries, they decided to team up and go into business together. 

Veteran owned Birdy Boutique owner Barbara Kent
Barbara and her husband in Iraq, 2007

Birdy Boutique was born from a combo of Joanna’s background and experience in education and Barbara’s sewing skills. The duo wanted to offer learning products that were easy for teachers and parents to utilize, but also fun for children. They started with reversible, double-sided learning blankets. The blankets are covered in facts to help children with science, literacy, geography, and more. 

If you’re doing some Veteran’s Day shopping, we suggest Birdy Boutique! This veteran and teacher owned business offers unique products that inspire kids to play, learn, and explore. Check out a few of our favorite Birdy Boutique products.

Birdy Boutique is a woman, veteran and teacher owned business specializing in unique educational products.
Birdy Boutique is a woman, veteran, and teacher owned business specializing in unique educational products.

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Learning blankets

Perfect to use at home, in the classroom, in the car, or anywhere else. Spread the blankets out on the floor, hang them on the wall, or let kids snuggle up with them and learn in a cozy cocoon! 

1. Sight Words

Veteran owned business sight word blanket

Get it HERE.

This blanket features 150 sight words from the Dolch and Fry lists.

2. English/Spanish

English/Spanish learning blanket from Birdy Boutique

Get it HERE.

Kids can practice either English or Spanish!

3. World map and dinosaur reversible blanket

Get it HERE.

Kids can easily explore geography with this world map blanket. Then they flip it over to identify dinosaur species! There’s also a blanket featuring butterfly and bird species.

4. Yoga poses

Yoga poses blanket

Get it HERE.

Kids will love practicing yoga poses with this soft blanket. The reverse side has fun games.

5. US map and state info

Teacher owned business making learning blankets

Get it HERE.

This one features a US map with state capitals on one side. The other side lists state bird and mammals.


Birdy Boutique offers fun and inspirational tapestries. They work great in traditional classrooms as well as an easy background for virtual teaching. 

6. Celebrate diversity

Diversity tapestry

Get it HERE.

Remind students they can change the world!

7. I’m done, now what?

Get it HERE.

Just point to the poster.

8. Alphabet tapestry

Get it HERE.

This one is so fun and colorful!

9. Screen time rules

Screen time rules tapestry

Get it HERE.

A great reminder that life exists beyond screens.

10. Weighted blankets

This teacher owned business offers weighted blankets, including one with a solar system theme to enhance learning.

Solar system weighted blanket

Get it HERE.

 If you’re Veteran’s Day shopping this week, look for businesses owned by veterans. When you purchase from small businesses you directly impact the livelihood of shop owners and their families.

Use code FALLFAVES10 through November 30 for 10% off Birdy Boutique educational blankets and tapestries on Amazon.

Note, this isn’t a sponsored post. We just really love their story and products!