We have been rather tough on you in the past. However, we are the first to admit that we could not do your job – it is hard. And admin often don’t hear thank you enough from us for all they do.

We are guilty of letting the actions of “bad admin” cloud our judgments of people who are very good at their jobs, people who really do care if their teachers are happy, supported, and engaging in self-care. Because there are so many who do not, we hold you in the highest regard and know you are truly the diamond in the rough.

We genuinely want to thank you, admin, for so many things you do.

Thank you for shutting down disrespect from parents.

We know that when parents with outrageous demands take their complaints to the principal’s office, they will leave with a greater respect for the person who is with their child most of the day – the teacher.

Or they will pull their child out of our school because they will never be given the power to make the lives of teachers miserable. 

Thanks for not putting so much emphasis on test scores.

Your realization that students and teachers have so much more value than one final number on one final test speaks volumes to your character. Thank you for knowing that a child’s development depends on authentic learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate. 

Thank you for putting us first.

You recognize that by putting teachers first, you are also putting students first. Coming by to check on us each and every day (not just when observations are due) reassures us that we are in a safe place. Creating a stress-free environment for staff translates into a relaxed and successful place for students to succeed.

Thank you for being a presence in the lives of our students.

Your knowledge of all the students’ names and the fact that they get so excited to see you and want you to listen to their accomplishments means so much to us, AND TO THEM!

Thank you for not playing favorites.

We feel welcome and valued when we walk into your office. There is no difference between how you treat us, support staff, or the superintendent. We are all professionals in your eyes. 

Thank you for respecting our decisions.

No one knows their students better than teachers, so we appreciate you allowing us to modify the curriculum, lesson plans, and teaching methods to accommodate our classroom needs.

Even if it means irritating the higher-ups when we don’t have the standards written on the board.

Thank you for subbing for us once in a while.

When you allow us the luxury of calling in sick without feeling like we are a tremendous burden on the rest of the staff, it lifts our spirits. We know you will jump in and take over when it is necessary.

Thank you for recognizing we have bad days.

When you walk into our classrooms and the students are having a bad day and seem a little bit off the wall, thank you for winking, smiling, and jumping in to work with students. You recognize that one person isn’t always enough.

Thank you for allowing us to have fun with our students.

Taking an extra recess, having a Fun Friday or showing occasional movies is never frowned upon. We love when you stop by and partake in the fun. These are moments our students (and us) remember forever.

Thank you for being down to earth.

The fact that you don’t jump on the latest bandwagon of eduspeak letting words like fidelity and rigor fly at every staff meeting tells us that you haven’t lost touch with your teacher roots.

Thank you for valuing our time.

We can always count on you to take things off our plate when you can. You remember how hard teaching is, and the extra paperwork that isn’t necessary is always eliminated. We love when you say we need to work less and enjoy family more because we know you truly mean it.

Thank you, admin. The fact that teachers never want to leave your school even when we have to drive an hour to get there says so much about how well you do your very difficult job. You are the embodiment of what a leader is supposed to be and the school community thrives because of your caring leadership. Can we clone you?

Dear admin, thank you for having our backs