Parents all across the United States are embarking in new territory due to COVID-19 – teaching their children from home. Many schools have already announced they’ll be closed through the end of the school year. Teachers are hard at work to put together online course materials, but the situation has many parents stressed and questioning their ability to help their child at home. Math, in particular, is a subject that causes anxiety. Fortunately, there are many online math resources available. 

Also check out these free online resources to help continue kids’ learning from home!

For Early Learners

1. Khan Academy Kids is designed for ages 2-7.

2. Cookie has interactive counting and early math games for ages 3-6.

3. has preschool math games, such as a counting pizza party.

4. The National Association for Young Children has many suggestions for teaching math to young children at home.

5. Math at Home offers resources for teaching early math skills starting with infants and continuing through early elementary. 

6. Get Ready to Read explains the importance of early math skills when it comes to literacy and offers resources for assessing and strengthening skils. 

7. ABC Mouse is currently offering free subscriptions to their program, which includes preschool math.

For Elementary School

8. Khan Academy is a free math resource for students, parents, and teachers. It offers lessons, quizzes, challenges and exercises aligned with math educational standards from kindergarten – college. 

9. FunBrain has math games broken down by grade level from first – eighth. 

10. Math Playground features games, videos and logic challenges for grades 1 – 6. 

11. Online Math has games organized by grade level.

12. Kidzone Math offers free printable practice worksheets. 

13.Varsity Tutors – A Plus Math has games, flashcards, worksheets, and a homework helper.

14. ABCYA lets kids play fun math games that align with common core math standards. 

15. BrainPop is filled with fun, interactive math games. Many teachers use it in the classroom, so lots of kids are already familiar with it.

16. Starfall offers math practice in basic skills for preK – third grade.

17. AAA math features thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons. 

18. Edhelper has tons of fun math worksheets for all ages.

For Middle School 

19. Khan Academy has videos and lessons for all grades.

20. Hippocampus has pre-algebra and geometry lessons and practice games. 

21. Education Possible has a list of over 50 fun and interactive math games for middle schoolers.

22. Math Snacks has games, animation and interactive tools to help middle schoolers with basic concepts.

23. Prodigy offers fun math games for middle schoolers. Many teachers use it in class and report it turns math haters into math lovers. 

24. Math TV is like Netflix for math! Videos are broken down by skill. 

25. CoolMath offers lessons and games in pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus. 

26. Online Math has games broken down by grade level from 1 – 8. 

27. Math Is Fun offers lessons, games, worksheets and puzzles on all sorts of math concepts including speed and velocity, money and geometry.

28.Illustrative Mathematics offers problem-based curriculum for grades 6-8.

30. is great for middle schoolers who are a little rusty on those multiplication facts. It’s designed for elementary – high school students with age-appropriate games so kids don’t feel self-conscious about their skills.

For High School 

31. Hippocampus offers free lessons in advanced math subjects including calculus, statistics, and trigonometry.

32. All In One High School is a free curriculum resource for homeschoolers. It’s broken down by subjects, such as algebra or geometry, and links to videos, quizzes, and activities each day. 

33. FreeMathapp allows students to enter equations from their textbook or assignment and then helps them break it down step by step. 

34. has printable reference tables to help with algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc. 

35. Fiveable is an app that live-streams lessons for AP course material.

36. SAT Prep through Khan Academy. Kids can see where they’re at and then immediately get help understanding questions they missed. 

37. Online Math has games organized by subject, such as algebra, geometry, and precalc. 

38. Dave’s Short Trig Course is from Clark University and offers a basic intro to trigonometry. 

39.Purple Math is designed to help the struggling algebra student. 

Online math resources make it so kids can conveniently continue learning while on COVID-19 quarantine. This is a good opportunity for kids who struggle in math to get caught up, strengthen their skills and find learning styles better suited for them. Kids who love math can work ahead and learn new skills. Parents who are self-conscious of their own math skills can learn right along with their child. There are so many different online math resources available, so try out the different options and see what works best for each child. Many kids will come out of quarantine with a stronger love for math after experiencing it in new ways. 

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