It’s always fun (and sometimes exhausting) to roll out a new classroom management system in the classroom. Luckily, TikTok teachers have our backs with simple, effective classroom management tricks that both teachers and students love.

Here are the best teachers to follow on TikTok for classroom management tips.

1. Keep everyone engaged with a secret student.

The teacher picks a student secretly at the beginning of each day. Throughout the day, the teacher will say things like, “Wow, I see the secret student is on task!” or “Oops, our secret student does not look ready for math just yet.” If the secret student has a good day, the teacher will announce who it is at the end of the day.

2. Use fun virtual class rewards.

These rewards can be adapted for different age groups, as well as for both in-person and virtual learning.

3. Use TikTok sounds and other students favorite songs as attention-getters in the classroom.

Many teachers have been using the “Chicken Wing” sound as well to get the attention of students. It goes:

Teacher: Chicken wing, chicken wing

Students: Hot dog and bologna, chicken and macaroni

4. Ditch expensive class prizes and use desk pets.

In this classroom management tip, you’ll just need some small erasers from the dollar spot at Target. They come in packs of 50-60 for $1. Explain to students that they will earn the erasers, which are now called “desk pets” by following class rules or however else you decide students will earn them. Students can make little homes for their desk pets and will seriously enjoy collecting them!

5. Build community by spinning a wheel.

Miss Bensko has any adult (principal, lunch monitors, custodians, etc.) who enters the room, spin a wheel to determine if the students in the class deserve a small reward. While this is kind of random, it’s also incredibly motivating for students. It’s certainly a community builder as students come together in excitement when an adult spins the wheel.

6. Keep your star student a secret until the end of the week.

This teacher takes the secret student tip a step further for older students! Throughout the week, the teacher will tell students that the star student is either on task and being a model student or announce to the class that the star student is really off task. Students will wonder all week who the star student is, and they know that in order to earn the official title on Friday, they’ll need to be well behaved at all times.

7. Use “I spy with my teacher eye” to ensure quick transitions.

When transitioning from one subject to the next, the teacher will tell students “I spy with my teacher eye…” then say a few things noticed around the room, like “… a student who has their math book out and a pencil ready to go.” The class will try to guess who this student is while also taking the hint that they should be doing this too.

8. Ensures that students stay online for virtual learning for the entire day by spelling out a secret word throughout the day.

After every 20-30 minutes or so of online instruction, hold up a new letter that is part of a secret word. At the end of the day, students who have the word written down in its entirety will receive some kind of prize (Class Dojo points, entered to win a raffle, etc.).

9. Uses early finisher popsicle sticks to avoid students asking, “I’m done, now what?”

For this tip, you’ll want to glue early finisher task ideas to the top of popsicle sticks. When students finish a task early, they’ll just grab a popsicle stick idea from the pile. Check out these early finisher activity ideas!

10. Use hand signals for common needs.

Create hand signals for needing a pencil, going to the bathroom, and needing help.

11. Uses lucky ducks instead of popsicle sticks to call names.

When teaching a lesson, she pulls a lucky duck to call on students at random, which motivates students to want to participate!

12. Use a behavior basketball to motivate students to do the right thing.

The teacher tosses the basketball to a deserving student at any time during the day. If the student makes the shot, they can pick from the prize box, but Mr. Buyck says it’s not about the prizes, but more about celebrating all the good happening in the classroom.

13. Walk around the classroom as often as possible to “see what your kids are doing.”

There are tons of classroom management tips on this TikTok page, but this simple reminder is so important. A simple walk-by can totally refocus students.

14. Gets your students off their phones by providing a charging station for them.

For just $10, you can get a two-pack of charging ports here: (

15.  Use a classroom economy to simulate real life.

Students must apply for classroom jobs, get recommendations, and pay rent for their desks! They can also spend the money on prizes. If implemented correctly, this management tip not only promotes positive behaviors but also teaches about the real world.

Classroom management can be daunting, especially as students begin to settle in at this time of the year. It’s OK to try out different management techniques and see what works the best for your class and what you’d like to leave behind!

Which classroom management tips have worked well for you? Let us know in the Empowered Teachers community!

15 Classroom Management Strategies That Are Fun For Both Students and Teacher