Let’s be honest. The kids in your classroom can lose their minds for any number of reasons and you’re left wondering how you’re going to get them back on task without going crazy yourself. Two and a Crayon is a super simple brain break that’s fun and teaches your students problem-solving skills.

The game is explained on TikTok courtesy of 4th-grade teacher Mr. Kyle Cohen. In fact, Mr. Cohen says his students are obsessed with this game.


How to play Two and a Crayon

  1. Partner your students off in any way that works for you and your group of kids.
  2. Explain that the students will work together to create a drawing, but they have to do it in such a way that both partners are holding onto the crayon at the same time for the entire game. (Leave it to your students to figure out how that works for them – this is a problem-solving activity).
  3. Explain the catch: the kids may not talk during the activity. At all. They also can’t come up with a strategy ahead of time, nor can they talk while they draw. This is a completely silent activity!
  4. Set a timer for three minutes. Keep it quiet or play a song while your students draw.
  5. Let them draw until the time is up, or secretly give them an extra minute if they are really focused.

Why teachers love Two and a Crayon

There are more advantages to Two and a Crayon than just a few minutes of sweet silence for you as a teacher.

Because students cannot use verbal communication throughout the game, students will quickly learn what it takes to be the leader of the crayon and when they need to be the follower. As a result, the kids will also realize that in other activities, there is a time to be a leader and a time when it’s OK to be a follower.

Students will also hopefully learn how to share the power – a lesson that could just spill over to recess and perhaps solve some of that dreaded recess drama you have to deal with. Most powerfully, your students will learn how to work together and support their classmates. All these lessons can lead to authentic classroom conversations that will help your class support one another and get along during work and play.

Mr. Cohen’s class gives this game a ten out of ten. Give it a try in your classroom today!  

Two and a Crayon: The Hottest New Brain Break