Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Many schools are closed in honor of those who served our country. Since it falls in the middle of the week this year, it’s a good opportunity to extend the learning all week. Here are 15 Veterans Day teaching resources to help inspire your lessons.

1. U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Teaching Guide

This comprehensive guide features tons of information, vocabulary words, student activities, scholarship information, and instructions for respecting and folding the flag. Find it HERE.

2. Life Leaders Institute Veterans Day Education

Fewer than 5% of Americans know exactly what the holiday is or when it was started. This site is dedicated to changing that. It is filled with student assignments, videos, posters, and other info. Find it HERE.

3. Listen to Veteran Stories

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has a collection of links to veterans telling their stories so students can learn directly from the source. Find it HERE.

4. Scholastic Veterans Day Teaching Lesson Plans

Scholastic has a variety of Veteran’s Day lesson plans geared at grades 3-5. Find it HERE.

5. Teacher Vision Packets

Teacher Vision has two downloadable activity packets – one for K-8 and one for elementary. They also offer links to dozens of other related resources. Find it HERE.

6. Star Spangled Banner Lyrics and History

Teach your students the history and lyrics of the national anthem. Find it HERE.

7. Analyze Patriotic Songs

Download this packet of patriotic songs. Analyze the lyrics and discuss the history of each song. Find it HERE.

8. Write Thank You Letters

Operation We Are Here offers free printable thank you letters to send to veterans. Find it HERE.

9. Veterans Day Teaching Database

TeachersFirst offers a great database helping teachers connect Veterans Day to other curriculum for integrated learning. Find it HERE.

10. Teacher Planet Resource List

Teacher Planet has a long list of lesson plans, activities, coloring pages, printables, and more for Veterans Day. Find it HERE.

11. National Education Association Activities

NEA has put together a great list of activities including wartime simile poetry and military uniform reading comprehension. Find it HERE.

12. Make Personal Connections Students Won’t Forget

Hey Teach! has some memorable ideas for connecting students with veterans in a hands-on way that will make an impact on all involved. Find it HERE.

13. Veteran’s History Project

This is a great resource for getting students started on interviewing and writing about veterans in your area. Find it HERE.

14. Themed-Word Search

Use a word search for early finishers or bell work. Make sure to discuss the meaning of the words after. Find it HERE.

15. Teachers Pay Teachers Freebies

TpT creators have come through with a ton of free Veteran’s Day printables. Find it HERE.

15 Powerful Veterans Day Teaching Resources and Activities