Some things teachers say in school should never be repeated anywhere else. And if you don’t believe these weird things have actually been said, you’ve never spent a week in a classroom full of kids!

1. “Stop licking the floor!”

Michael Scott biting lip gif

2. “Take your fingers out of her mouth!”

sarah michelle gellar gagging gif

3. “Get out from under my skirt!”

taylor swift screaming gif

4. “Whose socks are these in the toilet?”

ryan gosling judging looking up and down disgusted gif

5. “Stop biting your toenails!”

woman with red hair with digusted look on face gif

6. “We don’t smell each others’ butts!”

girl in school yelling

7. “Please don’t wipe your nose on me…”

kristen wiig confused faced SNL gif

8. “Take the legos out of your underwear!”

Will Ferrel chanting

9. “Erasers are not chewing gum!”

jennifer lawrence disgusted face gif

10. “It is not OK to pee on each other!”

james vanderbeek shaking head and finger gif

Have some funny ones of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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