Fire safety is an essential component of any elementary curriculum. Although imagining being in a fire can be scary for kids, they need to know what to do if there ever is a fire at school or in their home. Plus, you can make fire safety fun with some simple activities and crafts. By bringing enjoyment into the fire safety learning process, you can prepare your students and give them the confidence they need to face fire emergencies without fear.

Here are a few ideas to get started.

1. Practice your fire drill

This might not be the most fun thing to do with your class, but it is one of the best ways to teach kids how to stay safe if there is ever a fire at school. Practice at least once a month so kids know what to do and where to go as soon as they hear the fire alarm.

2. Read a few stories

Children love stories, and they can learn a wealth of information from colorful picture books. Following their favorite characters, such as Curious George or Clifford the Big Red Dog, will also encourage good listening so your students remember what they learn.

3. Invite mascots

Kids love a good mascot, and you can use a Smokey the Bear costume or a Dalmatian costume to get them excited to learn about fire prevention and fire safety. The mascot can give a fun talk or read a picture book. If you don’t have a brave teacher willing to take this job, ask a parent!

4. Make fire safety books

Create a template that has the information you want your students to learn and have them write books. Older students can take their books to younger students’ classrooms and help teach them about fire safety.

5. Role play

Teach your students what it looks like to stop, drop, and roll. Practice getting low to avoid smoke using a hula hoop. Kids who practice, practice, practice are more likely to remember exactly what to do when they need it.

6. Do a puppet show

Just like kids love mascots, kids love a good puppet show. Use a firefighter puppet to read a story about fire prevention or to talk to the kids about ways to stay safe if there is a fire.

7. Write something

Give your students a topic, such as what firefighters do or why it’s important to know how to call 911, and have them brainstorm some ideas to write about. Throw in a craft to make the writing look good and you’ll have an instant hallway or bulletin board display.

8. Invite the fire department

Bring in the experts in fire prevention and fire safety. Most fire departments have firefighters who come to schools and do fire safety presentations.

9. Make up some rhymes

Rhymes are great for phonics practice, but they also help students remember key information, such as what to do in the event of a fire. Students can write and illustrate the rhymes.

10. Watch a video

Let’s face it – kids love videos! There are so many great ones that teach fire safety and fire prevention skills in an entertaining way.

11. Do some sorting

Give your students a list of actions, some that are essential for fire safety and prevention and some that are not. Have them sort the actions.

12. Take a field trip

Schedule a trip to a local fire station. With plenty of notice, many fire departments have public education activities that teach students fire safety and prevention. Some of them will even let your students climb inside a fire truck!

Try one ore more of these activities to help reinforce fire safety and prevention concepts for your students in a fun and memorable way.

12 Engaging Ways to Teach Fire Safety to Students