Sometimes the best hacks are the simplest ones. Check out these creative teachers and how they manage the chaos with some hilarious hacks. Do you have a teacher hack you use in the classroom you need to share with fellow teachers? Send them in to us at for a chance to be featured!

1. How to make your sharpies not disappear!

2. Two for the price of one — cut your composition books in half, or have Home Depot do it for you!

3. Use memes to let your students know you’ve had enough of repeating yourself.

4. Turn your collaboration desk into a whiteboard with some dry-erase laminate.

5. Number each pencil and assign a number to each student.

6. Or use label stickers to write kids’ names on their pencils directly!

7. If you’re an essential oils-lover…

8. Make students accountable for their missing glue lids, by color-coordinating!

9. Host a “Starbooks” party to get your students to read!

10. Display sight words on your windows using washable window markers!

11. Get your Santa Cams out and watch your students behave like never before!

12. Save this sharpie removal hack RIGHT NOW, because we all know it will come in handy one day or another.

Via: The Room Mom

13. Spread kindness, not germs!

14. Use FREE paint swatches for number recognition and vocabulary = GENIUS!

More ideas on how to use paint chips in the classroom here!

15. Fair warning: No tiny pencils in this classroom…