Whether teachers are scrolling through TikTok or Googling new slang words, it’s almost part of our job description to stay on top of the latest trends. Some may fade quickly (remember VSCO girls?), but you know which one seems to be sticking around? Memes.

Memes are a great way to add humor into your classroom, whether you find them on the internet, make your own, or allow students to create them. There are so many ways to include them in your classes, and however you choose to do it, they will definitely make you and your students laugh.

Here are 10 fun ways to use memes in your classroom.

1. Use memes instead of labels

You could get fancy and design some matching Pinterest-perfect labels, or you could print out some memes and stick them wherever you deem appropriate.

We have homework surprised cat meme
Charge your Chromebook

2. Check for understanding

When it comes to building and reinforcing new skills, why not get creative? Not only will your students find new ways to show their knowledge, but you can also hang up their final products for effortless informational posters.

Yoda math meme
Simpsons grammar

3. Incorporate memes into vocabulary practice

We definitely can’t guarantee that students will be interested in learning new vocabulary words, but assigning them to make memes will help them retain new vocab and have fun while doing it. Want them to write the definition? To make up sentences with their vocab words? Make it a meme.

Change my mind science meme
Cat example vocabulary

4. Post class rules around your room

We make our rules and expectations as clear as we possibly can, but sometimes students seem to…forget. Would you rather tell them your rule for the thousandth time or point to a funny poster to remind them?

Cute little girl instructions meme

5. Create memes about a book or historical concept

Humor will help kids remember the stories and concepts that they’re learning in class. And, since you are literally the target audience, you will 100% be entertained by what they turn in.

Boston Tea Party Meme
Romeo and Juliet

6. Use memes as an emotional check-in tool

Emphasize the importance of your students’ emotional well-being by giving them class time to reflect on how they feel. It’s likely that not everyone will want to share, but anyone who does share will absolutely bring some laughter to the day.

Lion pun

7. Decorate your room with inspirational quotes and general positivity

I definitely cannot promise that printing out a bunch of memes will give your classroom the perfect aesthetic, but it will be funny. It just depends on the vibe you’re going for.

This year is going to be awesome meme
You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

8. Use an image as a creative writing prompt

Give all the kids the same picture and see what *APPROPRIATE* captions they come up with. This could be a warm-up activity to start class, or it could be used to get their creative juices flowing before a new writing assignment.

Minions meme part 1
Minions part 2

9. Showcase a meme of the week

Your classroom isn’t just about content–it’s about culture! Having a meme of the week creates a shared experience for your classes, and they’ll be so excited to see what you have in store for them every Monday. And if a weekly search sounds like too much effort, allow students to choose them each week.

Funny John Wick meme
Hugh Jackman Huge Yackman

10. Compliment your students

Want to compliment a student on a job well done? Use…you guessed it…a meme! You can include them in a quick email, or you could even print out stickers to stick on tests and papers. Either way, your students will appreciate the perfect combination of humor and support.

You are amazing meme
Dwayne the Rock says,

If you’re looking for ways to make your students laugh (and, of course, make yourself laugh) throughout the school day, memes are the way to go. Seriously. We meme it.

10 Fun Ways to Use Memes in Your Classroom