Well, here we are. Pandemic teaching. Yup, still.

While every school year is always a stressful, chaotic blur, I think we can all agree that this year has already been extra stressful, extra chaotic, and extra blurry.

So, as we continue to deal with all of the emotions of teaching during a pandemic, there is no one better to showcase our feelings than the legend: Moira Rose.

1. When you wake up and prepare for yet another day in year three of pandemic teaching.

It’s like Groundhog Day. But worse.

2. When yet another teacher quits and the only thing you feel is jealousy.

Do we love our jobs? Usually. Do we envy people who have escaped from the pure chaos of this year? One hundred percent.

3. When someone tries to make plans with you, but you can’t commit to being mentally sound that day.

Because sanity is no longer a guarantee.

4. When you check the sub list and see literally two names.

No really, we looked. There are no more names.

5. And when you get asked to take on more responsibilities because of the teacher/sub shortage.

Say it with me, everyone: No. No! NO.

6. When a parent says it’s “unfair” to make their kid wear a mask all day.

As always, we dream about the day when parents don’t actively make our lives more difficult.

7. When it’s announced that a student will join your class virtually “until further notice.”

If we could “accidentally” delete all video conferencing from our computers, we would.

8. When admin is convinced that wearing jeans and “focusing on your mental health” will solve all of the problems of the year.

Seriously, we’re confused. Do jeans have magical powers that we haven’t noticed yet?

9. When an entire group of student friends happens to be absent “due to COVID symptoms.” On a Friday.

And if they magically appear again on Monday, we have questions.

10. When you think about how much your life has changed since March 13, 2020.

Is anyone else not entirely convinced that life is real anymore?

11. When you forget to submit attendance for the third day in a row.

And honestly, we don’t even feel bad about it anymore.

12. When someone in the back of the classroom tries to ask a question.

After they’ve repeated it twice, it’s time to just give up.

13. When you decide to give yourself a pep talk every morning instead of just turning off your alarm.

Hitting snooze, however, is fair game.

14. When a student catches a glimpse of your whole face and says you look weird without a mask on.

We love our students’ candor.

15. When your Friday plans start with 3:00 wine and end with an 8:00 bedtime.

Is 8:00 too late? Maybe 7:30?

16. When a non-teacher says working from home has improved their work-life balance.

We didn’t think it was possible, but somehow our work and life have become even more…unbalanced.

17. When you have an engaging class after spending a year talking at silent black boxes.

However slowly it may be happening, sometimes we can feel like things are improving!

18. When you make it through another day of teaching. Any day at all.

There is no victory too small to celebrate this year!

As we go through this roller coaster of emotions, we’re so glad we have Moira Rose to help us show the world how we’re feeling every step of the way.

How Teachers Really Feel Right Now: As Told By Moira Rose