Ikea products are what classroom décor dreams are made of. With product lines that are affordable and versatile, Ikea items can be customized for any space. Perfect for teachers on a budget (ahem: all of us), Ikea helps us maximize space, which is at a premium in overcrowded classrooms.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored promotion for Ikea. We’re simply loving the many awesome ways teachers are using these items in their classrooms and wanted to share! 

This list of 20 Ikea must-haves is perfect if you are thinking of giving your space a makeover.

1. RÅSKOG utility cart

RÅSKOG Utility cart, white, 13 3/4x17 3/4x30 3/4

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This rolling utility cart is an absolute classroom must. It comes in three colors, white, black, or grey-green, and has three sturdy shelves. The storage possibilities are endless – art supplies, books, gloves and hats, you name it.

2. SKÅDIS pegboard

SKÅDIS Pegboard, white, 30x22

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The Skadis pegboard system is amazing. Pegboards come in a variety of sizes. You can accessorize them with trays, hangers, hooks, baskets, and more. They look nicer than wooden pegboards and can take a beating. An Ikea classroom makes getting and staying organized a breeze.

3. SUNNERSTA rail with 4 hooks and 2 containers

SUNNERSTA Rail with 4 hooks and 2 containers, white

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Sunnersta is a wall-mounted rail system that is customizable with hooks and containers. It would be perfect for organizing pencils, markers, and rulers. Check out the Kungsfors line for another rail system with a slightly different look.

4. TROFAST storage combination with boxes

TROFAST Storage combination with boxes, white/white, 39x17 3/8x22

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The Trofast system is a wooden frame with plastic storage boxes that slide in and out on rails. The wooden frame comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for vertical or horizontal storage. It comes in white or a pine wood that you can paint to your liking.

5. BILLY bookcase

BILLY Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2

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Take it from me, the Billy bookcase is the best there is when it comes to bang for your buck. Inexpensive but sturdy, it comes in tons of colors and dimensions, so you can find what’s best for your space.

6. SORTERA recycling bin with lid, 16 gallon

SORTERA Recycling bin with lid, white, 16 gallon Ikea classroom

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These stackable Sortera bins come in 10- or 16-gallon sizes. You can teach your students to recycle or use them for other storage purposes like magazines for all those collages.

7. MÅLA easel

MÅLA Easel, softwood/white great for ikea classroom

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The Mala easel is lightweight and foldable. It has a blackboard on one side, a white board on the other, and the capacity to hold a roll of drawing paper for endless artistic creations.

8. KVISSLE wall magazine rack

KVISSLE Wall magazine rack, white

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The Kvissle is either a magazine wall rack, a letter tray, or a magazine file – the same product name is given to a few handy items. Use it to finally organize papers to grade and those to hand back.  

9. TJENA magazine file

TJENA Magazine file, black, Ikea classroom organization

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The Tjena magazine file can hold dozens of magazines, so you can organize all those back issues of magazines you’ve been saving.

10. LUSTIGT arts and crafts storage caddy

LUSTIGT Arts and crafts storage caddy, wood

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The sweetest little arts and craft caddy ever, this pine wood treasure box is just waiting for you to paint it your favorite colors.

11. PELARBOJ LED pencil lamp

PELARBOJ LED table lamp, multicolor for Ikea classroom

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Ikea has an LED lamp shaped like a pencil that toggles between seven different colors. You need this immediately.

12. IVAR cabinet with doors

IVAR Cabinet with doors, red, 31 1/2x32 5/8

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For old school locker vibes in your Ikea classroom, this steel cabinet will have you reliving your school days. You can deck this puppy out with all the best locker accessories. It comes in red, white, and grey.

13. INKILNING bookend

INKILNING Bookend, white

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The Inkilning bookends feature an A and Z to keep your books precisely alphabetized while looking stylish.

14. SVENSÅS message board with letters

SVENSÅS Pegboard with letters, dark gray, 11 ¾x15 ¾

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Use the Svensas for announcements, reminders, class rules, or seasonal quotes. This classic message board system looks great and is easy to use.

15. IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel chair

IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel chair, white/red

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For those flexible seating classrooms, the PS Lomsk chair is about as rad as it gets. It’s a scoop seat with a cover you can draw down over yourself for your own personal fort or nap chamber.

16. RISATORP wire basket

RISATORP Wire basket, white, 9 ¾x10 ¼x7

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These sweet wire baskets with wooden handles are the perfect country chic classroom accessory. They come in blue, white, red, and brown.

17. KNAGGLIG box

KNAGGLIG Box, pine, 9x12 ¼x6

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These wooden boxes make perfect paper trays. They are stackable and paintable – what more could you want?

18. HEMMAHOS hopscotch rug

HEMMAHOS Rug, gray, 39 3/8x63

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Perfect for elementary school teachers, this rug features an indoor hopscotch court to keep your littles up and active between lessons.

19. SOCKER greenhouse

SOCKER Greenhouse, white, perfect for Ikea classroom

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The Socker in a mini greenhouse to house your classroom plants and keep them cozy when the temperature drops.

20. JÄTTELIK plush dinosaur

JÄTTELIK Soft toy, dinosaur/dinosaur/ankylosaurus, 22

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Ikea just released a line of cuddly plush dinosaurs, and if there are two things that go together, it’s kids and dinosaurs. These are great reading buddies for an elementary classroom.

One final Ikea tip that didn’t make the list: If you live close enough to drive to Ikea, their houseplant section cannot be beat.

These items are the tip of the Ikea iceberg. Happy shopping! There are so many amazing Ikea classroom items to help your space be beautiful, functional, and organized.

20 Must-Have Ikea Classroom Items for Teachers