It goes without saying that teachers are some of the most amazing people around. It’s not surprising then that we form familial bonds with our fellow teachers. They help us find the joy and laughter in our jobs. Here are 20 reasons why we couldn’t ask for better people to share the ups and downs of the crazy world of teaching.

1. Teacher friends understand teacher guilt.

Forget to take attendance or send a parent letter home about something students needed to know TODAY? We understand. It happens to all of us. Teacher besties help each other Let It Go when it comes to teacher guilt.

2. We know when to come to the rescue.

Whether it is giving us a break to go pee, taking a problem student for a few minutes, or telling us we have a phone call when we are stuck with “That parent,” our teacher friends have a sixth sense about knowing when they are needed.

3.They make you laugh when you shouldn’t at staff meetings.

Like our students, we love to whisper jokes into each other’s ears as the principal is lecturing and looking squarely into our faces. Suppressed laughter is the best laughter. It’s a great ab workout.

4. Teacher friends have secret text codes.

We are always on high alert to warn our fellow teachers of impending danger.

  • HYE- Hold Your Ears as there will be a fire drill in 10.
  • PWL- Principal With Laptop making the daily rounds of teacher observations. Bribe the students now.
  • UQA- Same teacher is asking an Unnecessary Question Again at the end of a staff meeting.

5. A teacher always has exactly what you need.

Teachers carry gigantic purses that are filled with emergency items such as extra glue lids, chocolate, Flair pens and, of course, liquor. That’s for later though. We got you, friend.

6. We believe each other.

We don’t question our teacher friends when they tell us an outrageous classroom story. Unlike our non-teacher counterparts, we know IT REALLY HAPPENED. 

7. We also believe IN each other.

Our teacher besties are confident in our abilities to shape the lives of our students. They love to hear about our successful lessons and recognize our great ideas. They are our biggest supporters. 

 8. Teacher friends make each other feel special.

 When we are with our teacher squad, we are so excited to be in the presence of an adult that we just sit and stare for a few seconds. We don’t care what you have to say, we will listen in sheer amazement.

9. We’re always up for a themed party.

Halloween party?  ’80s Theme? Twinsies? We already have the costumes from the endless school spirit days. Teacher pals are always up for a party that doesn’t involve frosting eaten off the tops of cupcakes. 

10. Teacher friends are up for adventure. 

Skydiving? Mountain climbing? Roller coasters? After what we see and hear daily, nothing scares us. Bring it on. 

11. Teacher friends are Yin and Yang

We balance each other. One might be great at tech and can fix our copier jams while the other “replies all” to every single email. We support each other’s weaknesses and share our strengths. We love to learn from one another.

12. We know when to hide.

When you are out with your teacher pal in public and you get an elbow to the ribs or That LOOK, we know that it means to duck and cover because we have spotted a past or present parent or student.

13. We have insomnia on the same nights.

It’s nice to know that there will be someone else up at 2:00 in the morning the night before the first day of school or the holiday performance. Our teacher besties will be there to answer our panicked texts and calls.

14. We protect our pals’ feelings.

Teachers are asked if we are pregnant when we are not. We have been told we look like our students’ grandparents multiple times. Trust me, we will lie to protect our teacher friends from the brutal honesty we have endured from our students.

15. We go with the flow.

This year has taught us how to pivot, swivel, and do loop de loops. Last minute change in plans? No worries. We will be too tired to object. Just turn on Netflix, and pour the wine.

16. Teacher friends share the same appreciation for school gossip.

Who cares that Mr. Smith is dating Ms. Sanchez? We do!! We live for that stuff. It keeps our minds off our mountains of paperwork.

17. We give the best hugs.

We can’t wait until it’s safe to hug again! There are hugs, and there are Teacher Hugs. These are the types when you walk away a better person than before, and the daily stress of testing and lesson plans just melts away. 

18. Teacher friends share great deals.

Our teacher friends text us immediately when they see something we need (or might need someday) in the dollar section of Target. They will even buy it for us.

19. Teacher friends know the same dance moves. 

Teachers pick up some awe-inspiring moves from our TikTok-loving students and Go Noodle. Teacher besties are impressed with our synchronized dance moves. 

20. Teacher friends talk us out of quitting………..Every, Single Day!!!

With the added stress of the pandemic and the constant barrage of teacher attacks, we have our resignation letters ready. Our teacher besties let us RANT, but then remind us the reason we got into teaching was to build relationships that change the course of our students’ lives. Okay, we’ll stay!

Because we are so busy, we sometimes forget how very important our teacher friends are to our mental health and success. Tag your teacher buddies in the #teacherlife community!

20 Reasons Why Teacher Friends Are the Best Friends