You may think you have nothing in common with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but you actually have more in common than you think. In light of this weekend’s new Infinity War premier, here’s a look at the life of a teacher, as told by The Avengers.

1. When you get a new batch of students at the beginning of the year.

GIF - Avengers Black Widow I've seen worse.

Even if it takes a while, you know you’ll be able to whip ‘em into shape.

2. When your coffee addiction becomes real.

GIF - Avengers Thor slamming coffee mug on floor

Did you even really like coffee before you started teaching?

3. When a student won’t stop talking…

GIF - Avengers Chris Pratt dude!

Even after you already asked twice.

4. Monday

GIF - Avengers captain america fighting with shield

‘Nuff said.

5. When the administration sends out a “policy” email.

GIF - Avengers Nick Fury but given that it's a stupid-ass decision, I've elected to ignore it.

6. When a student finally gets something you’ve been teaching.

GIF - Avengers Thor YES!

You’ve only spent the last three days on this concept, but hey, at least they finally got it. There is no greater joy than what you experience at that moment.

7. When you see old students.

GIF - Avengers spiderman I thought you were smaller

They grow so fast. And you may be shrinking, just a bit.

8. Explaining what teaching is really like to new teachers.

GIF - Avengers black widow with clint barton this is nothing we were ever trained for.

Nothing in your teacher preparation program could ever prepare you for real life in a school.

9. When students complain they can’t do the problem.

GIF - Avengers Phil Coulson Don't ever tell me there's no way!

You obviously tried so hard, for all of five minutes, before you told me you couldn’t do it. Have some perseverance, please!

10. After an observation you bombed, when your admin asks, “So how do you think it went?

GIF - Avengers iron man I think I did okay!

Maybe if you sound convinced of it yourself, he might, also…

11. Being told you will be chaperoning the school trip.

GIF - Avengers black widow it's gonna be fun. yeah.

Because it could be, but probably not. In fact, chances are you’ll die.

12. Being surprised when a student asks a relevant question.

GIF - Avengers iron man that is an excellent question.

A question that may actually further the learning. Try to keep the surprise off your face.

13. And when they ask to go to the bathroom…again.

GIF - Avengers Loki #facepalm

Please don’t ruin our wonderful class discussion by asking to go to the bathroom. Use the hand sign!

14. What you sometimes wish you could say to kids about their work.

GIF - Avengers iron man with star-lord I think it's good except it sucks.

Let’s be honest, you’re definitely saying it in your head.

15. Lesson planning.

GIF - Avengers captain america internet, so helpful.

Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and countless other websites make lesson planning a breeze. No need to reinvent the wheel.

16. Eavesdropping on student conversations.

GIF - Avengers captain america I understood that reference.

You feel so hip and young that you can’t help but chime in…which just makes you seem old and creepy.

17. When the bell is about to ring and you see your students chatting in the hallway.

GIF - Avengers captain america, black widow, and hulk walking together as civilians

Seriously? Really? Come on.

18. Students after you’ve given the instructions for the third time.

GIF - Avengers iron man which means? wait. what? what did you just say?

Again, seriously?

19. After admin tells you you’re getting the difficult class.

GIF - Avengers captain america Well, I hope I'm the man for the job.

You know you can do it, but you want to act humble (and you also might be a little scared).

20. The last period of a hard day.

GIF - Avengers captain america beat up I can do this all day.

You’re exhausted. You’re done. But you don’t show any weakness.

21. When you hear that there are lice in the school.

GIF - Avengers wanda maximoff

Suddenly your head starts to feel itchy…

22. When you switch grades or subjects.

GIF - avengers iron man When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics? last night.

It’s not like the administration could have told you, so you could use the summer to prepare. Nope, overnight it is.


The Life of a Teacher- As Told By The Avengers feature image

author_image_unknownThis article was written by Amy Goodman — a 2nd-year 6th-grade teacher who loves Marvel and can’t even with this new Avengers movie. She feels like a superhero. All teachers are.