As a mom and educator, I give so much of myself to everyone else – whether it’s my time and energy, favorite gel pens, or the secret stash of cookies I never manage to hide well enough. But I have good news! I’ve finally found something that is all mine. It’s called Teacher Style Box and I think you’re going to love it too. Even better news, you can try it right now free for a whole month!

What is Teacher Style Box?

Teacher Style Box is the first subscription clothing rental service exclusively for teachers! It features thousands of clothing options from top brands such as LOFT, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Eloquii, Express, and Ralph Lauren. You simply sign up for an account and create your virtual closet with all the tops, pants, skirts, and dresses you love. Teacher Style Box then delivers them right to your door. But not to buy, to wear for as long or as little as you want! When you’re done, you just send them back for a fresh selection! And I repeat… it’s FREE for a whole month!

Reasons I love Teacher Style Box:

1. I get to try new styles without leaving my house.

Before Teacher Style Box, I was cycling through the same 10 basic pieces for the last decade. Being a teacher-mom doesn’t leave much time to hit the mall and try on the latest fashions. I love that Teacher Style Box brings it to me.

2. Getting a package in the mail every week is so much fun!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring great joy!

3. Exchanges are unlimited all month long.

Teacher Style Box sends me two items at a time from my virtual closet (clothes that I PICKED!) I wear them as much as I want and then send them back for two more. My students think I hit the lottery with all my new clothes! If you’re an active member you can receive a new box of clothes each week.

4. There’s something for everyone.

Options are available in sizes XS through 5X and for all style preferences. From trendy to classic and everything in between, there are so many great pieces to love. They add new brands every week, and new arrivals twice a week!

5. Free laundry!

Teacher Style Box cuts down on my least favorite chore – laundry. I just wear the clothes, pop them in the postage-paid return envelope they provide, and they handle all cleaning and sanitation. Yes, even if it has jelly handprints on the rear from a super sticky hug. I don’t even have to bring my school clothes into my house if I don’t want to!

6. It’s FREE FOR TEACHERS for a full month right now!

You’ve got nothing to lose! Try it out by signing up here. You can cancel anytime for whatever reason. You won’t regret it!

7. It’s affordable.

Teacher Style Box is the lowest clothing rental service on the market at just $45 a month. That comes out to about $1.50 a day (cheaper than most bottles of water!) Did I mention it cuts down on laundry and ironing drastically? That’s worth it to me right there!

8. Keep what you love at a deep discount.

Can’t bear the thought of having to send something you love back? You don’t have to! Teacher Style Box offers huge discounts on clothing you want to keep. I paid $8 to keep a dress that retails over $100. Yes, really!

9. They now offer new plans with EVEN more clothes in each box.

Receive up to 6 items in each box and still get unlimited boxes delivered to your door all. month. long. Talk about a steal!

Here’s a sneak peek of all the new plans:

Teacher Style Box Different Plans

Sign up for your Teacher Style Box free subscription NOW!

Teacher Style Box is currently inviting all teachers to try it out FREE for a full month! Get your free month HERE. You’re going to love getting that box in the mail. If you don’t love it, simply cancel before the end of your free trial and you’ll have gotten to wear some stylish clothes for a few weeks at no cost!