A teachers’ lounge is a place for educators to take a quiet break, rest, and recharge for the classes they still have left in the day. Unfortunately, many schools just have a small empty room for this purpose, maybe with a coffee maker and a microwave. However, teachers’ lounges should be places of refuge, which means lovely décor, snacks, self-care items, and other things that bring on positive thoughts and attitudes.

If your teachers’ lounge needs help, take a cue from some of these beautiful spaces!

1. Nature-inspired

With leaf-shaped lighting, a flowery mural, and velvet chairs, this room is the definition of attractive and comfy.

2. Home away from home

Lovely furniture, a cozy rug, attractive artwork, and well-thought-out accessories all make this space like a little home.

3. Bright and cheery

A bright painted mural on the school brick wall with some coordinating furniture makes this a great space for a well-needed break.

4. Lots of seating

Featuring plenty of places for teachers to sit and lounge, staff will love spending time in this special space just for them! The coffee and treats are optional but definitely a plus.

5. Take it outside

If your school is in a warm climate, create a lounge outside so teachers have a place to refresh and recharge while also getting some sunshine and fresh air.

6. Soft colors

Teachers are exposed to so many stimuli during the day that a quiet and a serene teachers’ lounge with soft colors would be a welcome distraction during the day. This one uses muted colors, cozy pillows, comfy furniture, and nature-inspired accents.

7. Clean and modern

A few modern pieces of furniture and artwork make this teachers’ lounge a lovely place to rest.

8. Lovely touches

Plants, fresh flowers, books, candy, and student artwork – what’s not to love?

9. Staff wellness

This teacher lounge makeover added cozy furniture, plants, soft lighting, and décor to inspire teachers to breathe and rest because the job can be stressful.

10. Black and white

With a faux fireplace filled with books and pillow chairs, what teacher wouldn’t love to relax here during their prep time?

11. Minimal and organized

This teachers’ lounge provides plenty of space to make a cup of coffee, sit down for a few minutes, and enjoy a relaxing, sunlit space.

13. Coffee, coffee, coffee

Most teachers live on numerous cups of coffee each day, and this teachers’ lounge is a beautiful spot to make a cup!

14. Positive bulletin boards

This teachers’ lounge is nicely decorated with positive and uplifting messages, as well as a birthday wall so teachers get some of the recognition they deserve – at least on their birthday!

Incorporate a few of these ideas into your teachers’ lounge to make a restful, relaxing spot to recharge, chat with coworkers, or drink a cup of coffee before your next class period.

13 Teachers' Lounges that Will Have You Craving a Redesign