If you haven’t jumped on the Bitmoji Classroom bandwagon yet, this should convince you…

You may remember the Bitmoji craze a little while back, with teachers using Bitmojis everywhere in their classrooms. Well, teachers all over are now creating virtual Bitmoji classrooms with interactive elements that allow students to click through to different resources, instructions, assignments, documents, etc. Pretty cool, right? While it may take some time to build out, teachers are known for always going the extra mile to make their students feel loved and welcomed!

So, here are the many different ways teachers are using Bitmoji classrooms in this new distance learning world.

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1. Add links to your daily recorded lessons

2. Recreate your PE class

“I spent the last two afternoons working on some Bitmoji classrooms to create what I think the last day of PE might have looked like.” – Miss Wallington

3. Make the classroom assignments fun and interactive

4. Make visual classroom libraries!

5. Display cute messages on the walls of your art classroom

6. Remind your students how to earn extra credit

7. Make an art studio with links to all different types of activities

8. Remind your students to click “PRESENT” to hear your voice!

9. Build a Virtual Bitmoji music class

10. Make it cozy with an ocean view (swipe right)

11. Turn your classroom into a cafe/restaurant

12. Tell your kids what to do while waiting for you when you’re busy helping another student

13. Recreate your actual classroom into virtual classroom

14. …or like your actual living room!


15. Make your kids feel welcome and loved even through a screen

16. Make a “Starbooks Cafe” with a library full of hyperlinked books for students to check out

17. Add your students’ artwork to the virtual classroom walls… They’ll love it!

18. Add links to songs, learning videos, activities, routines or procedures for students and parents to check out with ease

19. Add in some cute virtual class pets

20. Set up an orchestra classroom

21. Make a class photo!

22. Add in interactive books and websites for kids to enjoy

23. Make a virtual dancebreak

24. Remind your kiddos to wash their hands

25. Make your classroom feel nice and cozy, just like home

26. Have your students spot the elements from your actual classroom as an assignment

27. Remind them to read!

28. Add your actual pets to your virtual classroom

29. Swipe left to see Mrs. Peterkin’s different corners – Readers’ corner, Math corner & Social Study corner – to help students quickly spot what they’re looking for

30. Weekly planning/overview

31. Take a Bitmoji virtual field trip

32. Add in some Star Wars fun (or whatever you and your students are into!)

33. Use attendance to check on your students’ daily moods!

33 Awesome Ideas to Take Your Virtual Bitmoji Classrooms to the Next Level