Everyone has toilet paper rolls that they are ready to throw in the trash. Recycle those rolls and make them into something amazing in your classroom. This is a no-cost way to turn something useless into something special! They can be used for anything from an organizer to reading, math, or science activities, or even a pencil holder for your whole classroom.

Here are 20 easy-to-create activities you can do in your classroom with empty toilet paper rolls!

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1. Turkey Toilet Paper Roll

Turkey Toilet paper roll craft

Source: ConservaMom

This is a great Thanksgiving activity for PreK students! Every kid gets to make their own turkey and bring it home. Besides the rolls, you will only need googly eyes, brown paint, and real or fake leaves. This activity can be adapted to any holiday/season.

2. Color Sorting Activity

rainbow color sorting game for preschool

Source: It’s a Mother Thing

Use construction paper and glue to make each toilet paper roll a different color. Then students can find small objects and place them in the correct colored roll to practice sorting colors.

3. Make Your Own Binoculars

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Source: The Chirping Moms

These easy-to-make binoculars are fun to use for a science activity. All you need is construction paper, tape, and string to make these!

4. Monster Rolls

DIY Monster birthday party game with marbles

Source: Studio Stilla

Each kid gets to design their own monsters with a number on them. Then have the students place the number of marbles inside the corresponding roll of that number.

5. Addition Wall

Source: Mothering With Creativity

Create your own addition wall using common household items. This is an awesome way to make adding fun!

6. Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat Craft - Thing 1 and Thing 2 toilet paper rolls.

Source: Planning Playtime

Make reading Dr. Seuss fun with this Cat in the Hat inspired craft. A few pieces of construction paper, tape, and a pencil are all you need to make this project come to life!

7. Word Family Pull Out Rolls

Word Family Rolls

Source: I Can Teach My Child

For this wordy activity, you will need flattened rolls and a paint stick to write letters on. It easily becomes a great way to practice sight words with a similar ending sound but different beginning sounds.

8. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Letter Tree

Letter Tree Craft

Source: Life, Crafting, and Mom Life

Every early childhood teacher knows Chicka Chicka Boom is a fantastic way to teach the alphabet. Make a letter tree to go along with the story with toilet paper rolls, foam letters, construction paper, coconut leaves, and glue.

9. Alphabet Animals

Paper towel roll crafts for kids

Source: C.R.A.F.T.

Looking for another way to practice the alphabet? Have each student design an animal starting with each letter of the alphabet and display them in the front of the class for everyone to see.

10. Desk Organizer

Toilet Paper Craft Caddy

Source: Hometalk

Every teacher could save a few bucks with this fun do-it-yourself project. Use toilet paper rolls with hot glue and a cardboard base to create a starting point. Customize the colors and design to make it your own!

11. Cord Organizer

Easy DIY cord organizer

Source: Apt. 528

Use this one in your classroom or at home to organize that wild jumble of cords you have all over the place!

12. Make Your Own Windmill

Toilet Paper Roll Windmill

Source: One Little Project

What better way to teach about wind power in science class than to have students make their own windmills? This one will take a bit more prep work but the outcome is worth it.

13. TP Roll Catapult

Toilet Paper Roll Catapult

Source: Left Brain Craft Brain

Students can create their own catapult to learn about the parts of a simple machine, including a lever, a wheel, a pulley, and a wedge.

14. Presidential Tubes

President Washington and Lincoln Toilet Paper Tube Craft for Kids

Source: Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Remembering all of the presidents can be a challenge! As you teach your students about each president, have them design a roll that looks like each former leader of our country.

15. Space Shuttle

Toilet Paper Roll Space Shuttle

Source: The Educators’ Spin On It

Teach your students about the history of space exploration using a few toilet paper rolls, a cereal box, and paint.

16. Make a Mini Planter

Biodegradable Mini Planters From Toilet Paper Rolls

Source: Plant Care Today

Need a planter for every student during science class? Look no further than toilet paper rolls and scissors, and you can have your very own DIY mini planters for planting seeds.

17. Emotion Rolls

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Emotion Buddies

Source: Laura Radniecki

Teach your class about emotions using a simple roll with different facial expressions on each one!

18. Shape Stamper

Shape stamping with toilet rolls

Source: My Bored Toddler

This is a fun (and sometimes messy) activity to learn the basic shapes. Students can bend the roll to create the shapes and use paint to stamp them on paper.

19. Ball Maze

Cardboard Ball Maze Game

Source: Instructables Living

This cardboard box maze uses toilet paper rolls and a marble. It’s an engaging way to work on fine motor skills with your students.

20. Pencil Pockets

Pencil Holders

Source: 2nd Grade Sandcastle

This project is a must-have for all teachers. We are all sick of hearing students say they don’t have a pencil or they need to sharpen it (again)! Assign them each a spot on the wall and give them sharpened pencils at the beginning of the day.

Recycle your toilet paper rolls today with these easy to make classroom ideas. Most of these require minimal materials and can be done with everyday objects to create a fun academic activity!